Apparantly im normal !!!!!!

Ok just a quick post of encouragement.

I quit back in October after smoking 20 a day for 30 years. I went to see the smoking cessation councillor today for the first time because i was curious about a lung capacity/condition test. I did the test and apparantly my lungs are NORMAL !! Now i dont understand how this can be with my smoking record, However all i can say is that if my lungs have recovered in such a short space of time its worth saying so to everybody just starting on thier quits.

Dont get me wrong im not smug or complacent or anything its been bloody hard and im nowhere near through it yet. But this test has given me further motivation and i hope it will encourage you too..


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  • \o/ Yay \o/

    Very encouraging.. even for those of us who've been quit a while and never had that test.

    Nice one!

  • Hey Jack :)

    Was it the peak flow test you took or the carbon reading test?

    Great result anyway. Very encouraging for you and others indeed.

    Normal? :p

    Hope the knee gets better very soon and doesn't get in the way of your quit.

    All the best


  • Jack that's fantastic, it must be nice to know. Very brave of you though, not sure i'd have the courage, kind of think a bit like a mushroom, keep me in the dark, what I don't know, doesn't worry me.

    Big breaths now, you've no excuse :)

  • Jack, Jack, Jack I've told you before you have never been normal!!:D

    So proud of you, big hug and kiss (I've fallen off the wagon!!). Loads of love

  • wow jack - were you smoking those cigarettes or eating them ?! :D

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