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Help Im turning into Joan Rivers


Morning all

Sat here looking at what you all got up to last night (or didn't) and just realised Ive done two weeks. Whoopee!!!

To all you newbies out there its really not that bad, you can all do it if you really want to, because believe you me all my friends and family had no faith in me at all and I found out last night there was a book going round and I was 50/1 to make the first week and there were no takers. Wish I'd known I would have had some of that.

Well the reason Im up at such an unearthly hour is that its my op tomorrow, I am in theatre at 7.30 am and its supposed to last 5 hrs. So I can't sleep and I also have to clean the house from top to bottom as I wont be able to do it for a while and hubby, being a M.C.P wont do any housework. He doesnt even know where the vaccuum is kept.

I spent much of yesterday having pre op tests and I was terrrified they would all come back as an unhealthy smoker but its amazing how your body heals after 35 fags a day for 35 years. I am now officially healthy, I then spent time with my surgeon, he is the best in the business and all his private fee's go to a school for girls he has set up in the third world, because they wouldn't get education otherwise, so I dont feel quite as shallow as I did. He then took before pictures, which was quite an embarrassment, not a pretty sight and then proceded to draw all over my body. The outcome will be a washboard stomach and nipples about 5 inches north of where they are now. All exciting I know so why is that saying body off Bay Watch face off Crime Watch keeping popping up. Botox next, you can get addicted to this I think.

keep up the good work Caroline

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Congrats & good luck

Morning caroline,

Well done you on your quit. Must have been nice when they asked in your pre-op "Do you smoke?" & you could give a resounding NO!

Good luck with your op tomorrow. Hope you have a speedy recovery & the results you desire.

Love Gaynor xx

Hi Caroline :D

Great 2 weeks done and dusred well done

Hope all goes well tomorrow for you



Whoop whoop - 2 weeks down already!!

Best of luck for today - you'll be fine:D. I can't believe your hubby - If I was going in for an op and my other half said he didn't know where the hoover was then I "place" it somewhere very particular....:eek:

You remember and get back on here as soon as you can Caroline!!!:D

Good luck for tomorrow Caroline, we will all be thinking of you and just imagine the body that your going to end up with - bruised and battered but it will all be worth it in the end. And just think the last thing on your mind when you wake up will be where the smoking corner is! Thats all I ever used to think about whenever I was in hospital.

2 weeks is fantastic, you will soon be joining me in Week 3.

Take care


out of interest, did you tell the doc you are quit from smoking and for how long?

My doc wouldn,t operate without me being clear, that was one of the tests yesterday.

So thats how all this started and I had every intention of picking it up again after the op. Now my reasons are different and I would keep going even without the op, and to be honest its you lot that have changed me

So thanks a lot its all you lots fault that I have become a gibbering idiot

now just you hang on there girl, who turned who into a gibbering idiot?

I can assure you that I can be a much better gibbering idiot than you, been gibbering all my life

i must have missed something.....only just seen that you're in for an op!!!

Good luck girl, you're braver than me!!

Just back from the beauty parlour. Was told yesterday at the hospital I had to remove all my nail varnish and also that they were going to shave me if you know what I mean. So I thought sod that for a game of soldiers I'll get in there first. Now tell me ladies why the hell would anyone want to go have a brazilian for fun, Im used to giving out pain not receiving it.

At least I am now prepared for any pain the op can throw at me.

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