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NHS Group..a real success!!!!

Hi there..

I finally went to the meeting last night...I have done before and, at that time, I was very disappointed, but yesterday was brilliant!!!

Everybody there was so understanding, including the nurse which was an ex-smoker herself, therefore very very sympatetic of what other people are going through.

I have asked to get champix again, as the last time I tried to stop to early rather than wait for day 8-14, which means that I did not give a change for the medication to work.

I will be able to pick up my prescription monday or tuesday and I am really looking forward to it.

This is what I was waiting for: my head in the right place and the right support (especially from you guys).

I can't wait to get stuck in and defeat my stinky jailers!!!


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Hi Zaire :)

I'm so pleased your meeting was a success this time with everybody helpful and understanding

It helps of course that the nurse used to smoke herself and it has long been my opinion that the people who run these course etc should be ex smokers

How on earth is a life long Non Smoker even supposed to know what happens to our bodies as we heal let alone how a crave feels they've never been there and done that after all or understand that we can and do sometimes feel vulnerable, sad and all the rest of it

I even had one say to me after she asked how I was and I told her [it was bad day] Oh dear well just pull your socks up then it's easy as if I was a child I asked her if she had ever smoked her reply was no it's a filthy habit [I already knew that]

I never went back again just relied on this place


Marg xx


Zaira, fantastic that your meeting went so well, it will make such a difference to have their support. As Margaret says, some of these health professionals really shouldn't be doing the jobs they're doing, compassion and understanding should be one of the top qualifications, but it seems to have missed the list!

I wish you all the luck in the world, you will do it, you've started off on such a positive way of thinking, keep with it, read lot's and it makes a heap of difference cos. you'll be prepared.

Come on here and chat as much as you like, there will always be someone who'll listen.

Lorraine :)


Hi there.

Thank you both for your continuing support.

I agree completely..some of the so-called "experts" don't have a clue of how bad can be to get out of both nicotine addition and daily routine related to smoking.

My last earlier experience with the stop-smoking servive was awful. I felt really bad...they really were aiming to scare smokers rather tha addressing the real problems..

Yesterday it was brilliant. The nurse ws competent, and very helpful. Some thungs she went through were pretty obvious but it's good to be reminded.

She talked abou stopping smoking with champix as a 3 months project,which I liked, and she gave tips on how start to break certain daily habits..start to think on what you can do instead of having a cigarette..

Things like this are widely known, but they do keep us focus and tryng to break the addiction with methodoloy rather than scare tactics and guilt.

It was just very motivational..I will go back next week for sure.




The big thing here is that you are comfortable now with both an NHS support group for real-world localised support and also this really great forum too.

You need not be alone when quitting and its a well known fact that with good support you are twice as likely to kick the 'habit' of the addiction than if you just 'went it alone'.

Good for you! I wish you all the success you seek, keep posting here with your updates (good or bad)



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