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Belated 5 months post and a real eye opener

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday :)

Got back late last night from Blackpool. Bit of a bizarre place but had a lovely holiday and most importantly my 3 year old niece had a ball.

My 5 month anniversary was while I was away. I celebrated it by not smoking even though I was away with my Mum who smokes and is scarily dependant on them. That was the eye opening bit. Not only did she get really panicky (and therefor really narky) if she hadn't been able to have one for an hour or more (travelling by train) she would also get the same on the lead up to her not being able to have one. It was quite shocking to see someones day/mood/emotional state being affected by smoking.

I have read loads on here about it but it never really clicked in my head til I saw it this week. It is an evil, nasty blight on peoples lives and it makes me so sad to see so many people (and especially my lovely mum) still in its clutches.

I had a few moments where I got that familiar grouchy "I want a cig" feeling but only really when my Mum was panicking about not being able to have one. I didn't really want one, I think it was out of habit if that makes sense.

I still find myself snapping a lot but don't think I can blame that on the quit forever.......

I am so pleased that I quit. So, so very pleased that i am where I am now and I really hope that everyone behind me gets to this point and can enjoy it the way I am. I go most days without thinking about smoking now and its lovely. I still have my moments and after a couple of slip ups I can't be complacent but on the whole its a really positive place to be right now.

Once I find a way of filling the time I used to spend smoking and using up all this new energy I am sure I will feel even better ;)

Bring on six months, I cannot wait


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What an excellent post, thanks for that...gives me a bit more motivation about your Mum and also that you are further down the line than me, but are having some really good times now...thanks x


Well done Debs I haven’t had to travelled any were on public Transport since I quit but didn’t do much of it while I was a smoker either so don’t really know what it’s like to not be able to smoke through force on a journey, do know what it’s like not to have to worry about smoking now when we go anywhere it is great and our car now smells so nice when we get in and still smells nice when we get out, it must have been horrendous for my OH sitting there mile after mile with me puffing away and filling the car with fumes and smoke ugh poor man, I feel so sorry for what I put him through and that he had to put up with me for all those years and all without complaint, your mum has, if she wants to that is, choose for herself if she wants to quit but it doesn’t sound as if she does so you will have to suffer in silence but it is awful to see someone we love being controlled with the habit that controlled us for so long, good on you that your quit is doing so well we will enter the 6 month room more or less together, take care and keep strong x


Hi Debs

Dont really think you remember me. But wanted to say what a lovely post funny how we cant realy see how controling smoking is when we are still hooked. Makes you see how great it is to be free. Well done chick on your 5 months .xxxxxx


a big very well done. I know what you mean about how a smokers mood changes right before your eyes....so glad I am not smoking. You are doing very well, look forward to your 6 months post


I just loved this post-really needed to hear that uplifting story today.

and I so hope your mum joins us non smokers soon. :):)

just so well put and encouraging. Thank you xx


Thanks everyone for your replies. Its good to know that finally I am in a position to help other quitters ;)

Linda of course I remember you. You are one of the longer quitters and I love to read posts from you guys :) Gives me hope and kept me going in the really hard early days.

I hope my Mum joins us all too. Not confident that she will but I live in hope.

Off work for another week and am so chilled out its unbelievable :) Well apart from the fact I am cooking for 5 friends tonight and haven't decided on a starter and am not a very good cook ha-ha!



Hey debs ..so sorry i missed this post

lovely to read about ....im not too far off 5 months...Be good to feel like you do :)

well done in ure 5 months bring on the 6 xxx


I used to get really jittery after an hour or so went by.. cigarettes used to rule my day. Every hour.. on the hour. 3 cigs on the way to work in my car, 2 on the way home and usually 2 after lunch too.

Is there any wonder the chap who sits in front of me at work and has done for the last 5 years of my job here said to me for a long time 'You'll never quit'. Ohhh the times i was gutted and disappointed in myself for failing a quit only to have him smugly say to me.. 'told you so' (in many different ways).

So yeah.. big reason to quit.. to break this dependency.. and to prove to them nay-sayers that you can.. every one of you.. do this.. and be free once and for all from this evil godd@mn drug.

Well done on the 5 months, and long may this excellent quit of yours now continue.



Congratulations on 5 months Debs. Glad you're enjoying the freedom from it all. Hard to believe how much control the habit had over us and our moods isn't it. I find I feel much more relaxed now and it's probably cos I haven't got those niggles from wanting to smoke or wondering when i'll be able to have the next one. It's good to be out of it isn't it.

Won't be long till we're celebrating our six months, bring it on!

Lorraine :)


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