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SUCCESS: Third Week Realisation

Hi Guys/Girls,

I quit smoking cold turkey three weeks ago. I have smoked on and off for a few years now and I have tried to give up twice before. I smoked 20 cigarettes a day.

This time is different.

Both previous two times I used patches and gum and not for long. What I learnt from those experiences is YOU CANNOT SAY TO YOURSELF: "OH, I'LL ONLY HAVE A FEW CIGARETTES". If you have had an addiction to cigarettes you will be back smoking full time within a few days.

This time I decided, 'look if I want to do this for real, I need to fight through it and conquer it once and for all.' So for the past three weeks, cravings have gone from terrible to none and my mood is started to get a lot better. What I will say is, after three weeks, I feel SIGNIFICANTLY better, life is a lot easier and I feel happier. I also feel my fitness is starting to improve, its easier to breathe, walk and exercise. I feel that day to day living is no longer as much of a chore but is more of a pleasure and I enjoy life more. I feel like I am starting to do more of the right things for myself to really realise my potential as opposed to ruining it with nicotine and cigarettes.

Since I have quit smoking I have also cut down on drinking. I have realized that the more drugs (alcohol and cigarettes) I use, the less happy I am and the more I am trying to escape my reality as opposed to confronting it and living it. On the deepest level I believe we use drugs to avoid doing the things we really want to do in life, and in the process damage ourselves.

So if you're thinking about quitting, please understand that you are doing A LOT more than physically helping yourself, you are cleansing, regenerating and improving your mind, body and soul, and in the process, progressing on the path to live the life you have always wanted.

Thank you and God bless


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Welcome to the forum Joe. It can be a great help in those early days and for those who start to wobble later in their quits. It sounds for you that your resolve is strong and you're building to last. Couldn't agree more with your insight that quitting cigarettes (and it is cigarettes, not just nicotine) and alcohol is more than just those quits. Doing so has an impact on other areas of our lives, and some unfinished business. Wishing you well.


So true, J :) The difference for me, this quit, was not thinking 'I'll see how long I can manage before I have a smoke' but 'I will NOT smoke again, end of!' It made it so much easier for me. AND I was amazed how quickly I started to feel better - fitter, more energetic, more productive, happier...all that and more :)

Well done on your three weeks, and welcome aboard! xx


Hello so great your either us, and a great decision to quit.

3 weeks in my book is fantastic, what a great attitude to have, I guess you'd had a light bulb moment, and realised we just font need to smoke

Look forward to your up dates


Hello Joe and well done on 3 weeks. Sounds like your head and heart are in the right place - so glad its going well for you.


Great news on your 3 weeks. You are absolutely right of course I truly believe that how you mentally approach quitting is the key to success. Looking forward to reading your future posts


Hi Joe

Welcome to the site, it's nice to know that all the people here are all trying to acheve the same thing, and with the support of many here plus your determination I know you can do this, you have got through 3 weeks wow without any support as well, good on you, keep strong, keep posting and keep reading (or whatever else it is your doing) you are doing great


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