Day 6 (21.01.09)

Hi all...

I can't believe its Day 6 already. Day 6 has seen the start of the great cough. I have been coughing up all sorts this morning, which wasn't very attractive but better out than in.

Mood wise still good for now and looking forward to saying I have the first week beat :)

Hope everyone else on Day 6 is doing great too

Lindsay xx

4 Replies

  • Wow day 6, it does go quick. Well done my love, you are doing a fantastic job and you should be very proud of yourself.

  • Well done you, the cough will go eventually. There is a website in my signature about symptoms, may be a good place to read about what happens.


  • Thank you for the link Jackie, I've actually read that one...I'm reading everything I can my hands on lately...forewarned and all that :)

    Cough has settled a little this afternoon and dare I say it but I'm actually feeling a little cheerful :)

    Lindsay xxx

  • Well done on getting to day 6 - that's almost a week under your belt - keep it up!!;);)

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