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Day 1 and reviewing my reasons

So I have decided to quit TODAY. Not "in a little while," "when things get settled down a bit," or "when I'm feeling better." I realize those are all excuses and it's the addiction talking. The truth is, I do not NEED nicotine to get me through stressful times. I don't need it at all.

So, I was planning to quit about two months ago and never got around to it. But I did write down my reasons! Here they are:

MY #1 uber-reason: I'm tired of having a constant sore throat. All day every day my throat feels scratchy. I'm always clearing my throat and coughing, and my laugh lately has become a wheeze. I'm afraid I'm going to end up with Lucille Ball's low voice, then get throat cancer and die young just like my stepmom's Dad.

Reason #2: Quitting smoking is the first, crucial step in my VERY IMPORTANT goal to get in shape. I've discovered that regular exercise has an extreme effect on my mood, transforming me from depressed and lethargic to confident and energetic, almost magically. But I can't exercise if i can't breathe! I want to be able to dance without feeling like I'm going to have a heart attack. Dancing is so important to me. It's the best way i can express my deep, passionate love of music, and it feels fantastic.

Reason #3: I don't want to have kids and die early from cancer, leaving them heartbroken and asking why. I need to be here for those who love me. (Don't ask why this is third on the list, I just wrote them as they came to me.)

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH: When i went to the grocery store and used welfare money to buy a carton of smokes, and the cashier looked at me with such disappointment and disdain. I felt like sleaze. I NEVER want to repeat that experience again. I believe that just visualizing the image of the cashier's face could be enough to get me through quitting.

There it is. Whether you reply or not, it really helps to get my reasons out there!

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Ok I lied

Replies would be appreciated :3


Shan, Those are all good reasons to quit smoking. I wrote out a list too and put it on my frig to remind myself when the going got a little tough. There are some links at the bottom of my post that are extremely helpful. Most of us on this forum believe that education is the key to a successful quit. Read, read, read! The more you know about nicotine addiction the easier the quit! Hope this helps you. Just remember, it will get easier as you go along and never take another puff! Jody


Shan thats brilliant youve decided to quit, knowledge is all keep posting /checking on this site it is brilliant and makes the difference between a quit and fail

xxx louise


Great reasons to quit smoking.Like jody said eduction is the key because you learn why you smoked and understand the trap and see smoking for what it really is.

Im going to send you a invite to the the january group called New years revelations. We have a lovely group of people offering friendship and support to each other.Be great to have you with us:D

lee x


Great reasons Shan - and the last one struck a nerve with me. One of my main reasons to quit was that I was embarrassed to be a smoker. I felt shamed when going to the kiosk in the supermarket to buy them. Shamed coming back into the office after been outside for one. And shamed that I couldn't do what the majority of other people do - not smoke.

Strongly recommend that you do as the others suggest - read and learn as much as you can about the addiction, after all, "knowledge is power". And join the group Lee told you about - having people who really understaned what you're going through will help.

Stay strong Shan - you will do this.


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