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Week 3


Hi everyone

Well would you believe it I'm into week 3!! I'm patch free and haven't had a lozenge since friday. Don't get me wrong I still carry round with me on a just in case.

Also it's not that I'm trying not to have a lozenge it's just that I don't want one after all chocolate tastes much better :D

I feel strong this time, really strong. It is hard and at times ecspecially over the weekend I have thought of throwing the towel in but then I realise it isn't me talking it's the nicodemon. I just keep thinking why on earth would I want to undo what I have done.

I would never have got this far though or got into the mindset I am in if I didn't have you lot to support, encourage me so THANK YOU.

Baby steps I know as it certainly isn't a race but I'm just feeling positive about this quit.

I hope you are having a great smokefree monday

Tinks xx

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So, so proud of you Tinks. you're my inspiration-the sooner I get off the patches the better!


Thank you Emily. However hunnie, don't you rush to get off them patches. As my good old friend Christine says it is no race.

If you need patches then you need them and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

You will know when the time is right to have a go without them.

You are doing fab Emily but remember baby steps.

Tinks xx

Really pleased for you, keep up the good work you are a winner.


OMG Tinks you are doing tremendously well, really pleased and proud of you hun.

Keep up the great work.


Bloody hell week 3, that has actually gone really really fast. Well done sweetheart, you are in the right mindset and I just know you can do it.

Big hub and a large pat on the back:)

Nice one!

Well done Tinks... nice to be in week 3 with you :D

It's all about little steps - they eventually lead to giant leaps. I'm still on the patches so how proud am I of you being without anything... you must have tons of willpower ;)

Rachael x

hey Tinks - well done you. You've got a great attitude .... baby steps and it's not a race. This is your time Tinks - ready to think of yourself as a non-smoker?

Hi Tinkerbell :D

Week three that's great Big hug on it's way for you keep going

You have the right attitude to go all the way to the penthouse and beyond


Marg xx

Thank you all, I really appreciate your support.

Dave - I don't think I'll ever refer to myself as a non-smoker more an ex-smoker. To me a non-smoker has never smoked where has an ex-smoker has but has done one of the hardest things in their lives in order to quit the weed. Who knows one day my opinion may change but at the moment I'm PROUD TO BE AN EX-SMOKER

Rachael - whether you use patches or not you should be very proud of your acheivement so far. If I didn't have an allergic reaction to a change of brand of patches I'd probably still be using them. You stick with the patches my love as long as you don't smoke it doesn't matter what you use.

Thanks again guys

Tinks xx

look at you in week 3, looking good girl.

You sound so confident and happy, as well as having a great quit yourself you are helping loads of others as well, great work Tinks, keep it up.

You'll soon be counting in months not weeks.

Your doing great Tinks..... feeling strong but staying focused and ready for abrupt changes :cool:

No mistake with your last quit..... just a great stepping stone in preparation for this one ;) It made you stronger, therefore can't be a failure.

Keep strong OOG :p

Pol xx

Yay for tinks!

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