Hello again

Well that's me into day 17, and still feeling surprisingly OK about my new Smoke Free life. The savings are mounting up, just in time for my holiday in the Phillipines! Flying out on 4th Feb for two weeks; looking forward to not having to stress about where I'm going to buy my fags - can't believe it!!

I'll not be posting when I'm away, but I'll put some photo's online for one and all to see when I get back. Keep going everybody - 2010 is the year we're all making the most important life changing decision we'll ever make - Smoke Free for good!!:)

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  • Nice action

    Great Stuff Mike... Enjoy your holiday...!!!:)

  • by the way...how much have you saved?

  • Hi Mike :D

    Well done day 17 that's great and almost 3 weeks

    Glad you're feeling good about your new life enjoy the holiday and I look forward to the pictures from you


    Marg xx

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