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No Smoking Day
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Hello again

I've been on here a few times in the last couple of months trying to quit. Well this time I've been keeping it quiet, even from my close friends, but I have been reading all your experiences and they have really helped. Well last night, I went out on the vodka, for the 1st time. I'm so proud of myself cause I didn't give in to Mr Cig. It feels great today not waking up with a bad hangover. So now I'm telling the world. I quit and I've done 15days. BTW the 1st week was hard cause I had a bad cold, I coughed that much, I pulled my back and injured my ribs.:D

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I understand you keeping your quit quiet up till now, im on my third serious quit and this time around ever1 is just like "riigghhtt so your quitting again are you? yawn" so Im really out to prove myself this time.

Im also out on the beer tonight and I am a bit anxious and , well scared really about it all, so I really admire your willpower, not giving in, plus you can shout your success from the rooftops for passing the biggest test (I think anyway) of quitting. Well done you! :D

stay strong, charlene.


Everytime I had a crave, I either applied some lipgloss or had a trip to the toilet, even if it was only to wash my hands. You'll be fine, just think those ppl standing outside getting wet. While your inside and dry. You'll be ok. let me know how you get on.


Hello Pipple and welcome to the site.

Well Done!:)

I had my first night out on Friday and was smokefree.

I found the smoking ban in pubs helped a great deal as there was no one smoking around me. Has it helped you at all?

I too have suffered with a cold and back trouble since I quit. Was getting better until a drunk mate of mine decided to jump on my back and reset the pain.

Keep up the good work! you're doing great!



Thanks for all your support. Yeah the ban really helped. Also ppl around me moaning about, going out in the rain. Didn't want to get my hair wet:D

Do any of you have food or drink, that you don't like anymore, since you've given up? Mine's redbull, I used to drink, it 1st thing on a morning at work. Now I can't stand the taste, far to sweet.

Day 16 only 20mins away.

Barney, hope your back gets better, soon.


well proud

Hi every1 just reporting back my night out on sat, (the first proper one since the quit) I DID IT!!! and I wont deny i was really craving and a bit edgy and snappy, it all felt very strange.

I found that I kept peeling all the labels off my bottles and fiddling with the wrappers all night without even realising.

I also didnt get as drunk as usual which isnt like me as I normally have to be carried home, but drinking just didnt hold the same appeal as usual.

I was home for 2.15 as well which is an absolute first.

So all in all it wasnt the best night really which I expected but I feel the next time will be better. I found it so hard but the feeling of pride and achievement I felt this morning was well worth it really.

ps- also had no morning mouth which was a bonus. :D



Absolutley well done Charlene!!!!:D

You are a star!!!

Looks like it is possible for us to go out and enjoy ourselves without having to smoke!

Ok, you might of been irratable, but that sense of achievement you feel in the morning when you realise you didn't cave is second to none. Can you imagine how awful we would of felt in the morning if we'd given in.

After Friday night I'm even more confident that I can beat this for good!

Well done us!!!!:p



Well done for being able to go out and have fun without the need for a smoke, i expect it will get easier the more you go out and the longer your quit. congrats:)


Well done Charlene, this is a great site, everyone helps everyone else, with loads of encouragement. Food tips, drink tips, its great. Stay strong.

xxx Pupalup xxxx


Thanks every1 it really great to have everybodies support and praise for not caving in coz Ill be honest I didnt have alot of belief and thought I would prob smoke, I think the ban helped as well as I didnt want to go into the cold. bbbrrgghhh u would think it was october/november with the weather at the mo wouldnt you?! :confused:

Thanks again everyone, u are all great!! :D



You did really well Charlene, getting through it, told you, you would. Next weekend will be easier still for both of us.


I hope so pipple, u r doing really well too, I really do believe that without this forum to vent on that I would of smoked by now.

I know that I couldnt even have a lapse like some people do and then carry on quitting, I would be smoking again so I really cant afford any slip ups at all which is what scares me so much I think.

God Im werid, never mind. :rolleyes:



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