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Hope everyone has that Friday feeling today.

I've a very quiet weekend ahead of me just chilaxing...

Which is what I need for my beginning of my quit.

So far the days have been ok. Although it really does feel now like I've chucked away nearly 7 months of my efforts. The cravings are stronger but it's ok because I know exactly what to expect ! Managing not to pig out too which I am very happy about.

So everyone.

Good Weekend

Pity the poor smokers in this freezing cold weather because not only are their lungs hurting through all that smoking, they will catch heir death of cold !


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Changing my signature AGAIN RIGHT NOW.....

>>>>>>> smiling <<<<<<<

:) :) :) :)

You haven't thrown away 7 months, woo........they are 7 months of learning and of experience which you can take forward with you. That is one heck of an armoury that you have there, courtesy of those 7 months!

Keep us posted ........ I look forward to reading about your progress. :)



I agree with Val and Deb, you have earned seven months invaluable experience and I really believe you can do this. Sending positive vibes ;)

Sorry you lost your quit Woo but good on you for getting right back on it....you can do this I'm sure :D

Thanks Isolde :) nice to see your name pop up again :)

I will battle this out ! :)

hey Woo, such a shame to read the evil Nic got the better of you in a weak moment, but your 7 month quit is yoru armour, you know what you have faced and you know you can do it again so kinda makes you stronger and more determined.

wishing you an easier time this quit and looking forward to reading of your new journey

Trea xx

Woo, so pleased you are still doing this. As the others have said, take that experience of the 7 months quit and use it in this quit, you have done it once you can do it again and no relapses this time:)

Glad to see you straight back on it Woo, you have a 5k to sort out ;)

Good on ya Woo. Keep it up. Don't just dismiss that 7 months, you had a small blip that's all. I still regard that as a great effort and all part of a committed quit.

Absoloutely agree with John, 7 months is a massive achievement that can't just be written off, it's not like you have left it months to try again, you have got straight back on the horse, wishing you all the best if luck with ur quit, you have had a blip that's all, good luck xx

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