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Hello. It's day five...again

Hi Everyone

My name's Jordan, I'm 26 and this is the first time I have joined a stop smoking forum. I'm five days into my current quit and I feel great. A few major cravings are nothing compared to all the perks of being a non-smoker. The problem is though, I have been here before and somehow ended up back on the ciggies, so i thought it was time i joined and got the benefit of the wisdom of people that are obviously better at quitting than I am. :)

I'm determined that THIS is the LAST time I will Quit Smoking.

Thanks for reading

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Hello Jordan and welcome to the forum, you will get lots of support here they are all great.

You sound really determined this time I wish you well on your smoke free journey the craves will get better, and well worth it to have freedom.



welcom jordan!! this is a really great forum and has helped my lots! i never thought i could do this and now here i am quit for 5 and a half months!! good luck and we are all here if you need us!!

and congrats on your quit...keep moving foward and do whatever it takes not to smoke..look foward to hearing updates from you!!


Welcome to the forum Jordan. It sounds to me like you're in the right headspace to be quitting. It's just a question of remembering that you (we) absolutely CAN NOT afford to have 'just one'.

Keep going this time and don't let anything or anyone knock you off your quit!



Thanks guys :) Day 6 now and I've only got this far once before. My pockets are much heavier than usual and i'm taking the bike to work for the first time in ages, also getting a lot of help from reading this forum.


So good to be a non smoker.

Well done on your 6 day quit.Stay strong and determined,it's SO GOOD to be a NON SMOKER again.You can and will do it but remember the first month or so is the worst(in my opinion) look forward to reaching week 1 and so on.You should be so happy to be a non smoker again,that those cravings or whatever makes you think ,maybe just the one.....will soon disappear.Best wishes.


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