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day 11 over and im finally in 1

now most you guys may know i got suspended from college from what i believed to have been self defence and also being assulted and i still think it was un-fair they threw me out but oh well thats life.

i went to these people and i believe i posted i was so unhappy with my GCSE results

so thrsday just gone i went to see this lady who got me in touch with this prc (peterborough regional college) thing which is no where near the college where they teach you and help you get gcse grades, now ive opted for the c's in english and maths again, so i took 2 tests, got them out the way, they proved i was on the dim side with my results as in english i hit an E (same as my GCSE) and in the maths i hit a D (improvment on my GCSE)

so i managed to get into the english so thats every tuesday starting next week 1pm - 3pm and im on the waiting list for maths, so if i pass english i got a grade C in english which ill be a really happy bunny as ill be able to act young and be on the bright side:D


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Hi Geoff

I'm so pleased to hear this so you can do your Emglish now and on the list for maths well done


Marg xx


Well done Geoff. Don't see yourself as dim, you be happy with you and things in your life will be better, do your english with good feeling about yourself.



thanks marg & jackie:)

Geoff x


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