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thank god day 1 is over

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hi there everyone, just completed our 1st day of not smoking,feel great but me and the OH before was so tempted to go and get some lol we both couldnt believe how are life is controlled by this one little thing, absolutley hate smoking i keep saying to myself but then out of nowhere a craving kicks in and its a battle of the mind. so proud of r selves just wondering what 2morrow will bring. thinking positive my mind is set. any advice or learning to controll cravings would be much appreciated thanks

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Congratualation Annie & OH ....youve done you 1 day! yay... how cool :cool:, both should feel dead chuffed with yourselves :)

Congratulations on making it through the first day! :p


What you should know (even though it may suck), is that day 2 and 3 will not get any easier. Sucks I know, but the danger is that you may get so fed up with the cravings you decide to have just 1 smoke or decide it's not worth it. This is when you have to remember all the good reasons you don't want to be a smoker.

Also always keep in mind that the cravings DO go away! (I'm only on day 6, but I can confirm this). If you can, try to think of the pain you are experiencing as a GOOD thing! It is basically your body healing and ridding itself of your addiction.

Congratulations to you both, you should be proud.

Advice I would give (and I and my OH are on Day 3) be tolerant of each other and if one snaps turn the other cheek and walk away. Remember this is the withdrawal and not personal.

Everyone is different, I have had two good days but day 3 is giving me the impression that its not so easy :rolleyes:. OH has had two difficult days and is feeling ok so far today.

Good luck to you both and stay strong


thanks everyone, am giving are selves a big pat on the back. love the advice givin here, strange how no one nos each other on here but we can all relate to this in the same way as if we have known each other for years haha all in the same boat an this forum is helping massively thanks again evevyone keep up the good work x

Congrats to you and the other half! I think day 1 is the worst day, I wouldn't say it's the hardest, but is the worst. Once you're past day 1 you have proven to yourself you can go a day without smoking....then it's just a case of repeating over and over again :D

Hello annie84 :)

poking about on the web and reading non smoking stuff

helps me when i crave... has loads of stuff worth reading

and some heartbreaking journals of people

who have died from smoking

Allen Carr has a free e book the easy way to stop smoking

which is very good

tales from the quit is also excellent

best wishes with you and your partners quit

Regards River xx

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