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2month 1 week & 1 day & im okay

Feeling okay for now, had a funny sort of few days. Not thinking of cigarettes hardly now just kind of getting used to life without them. But out the blue today i witnessed smokers on 3 separate occasions & got a slight want one feeling. But i passed, i didnt rush the shop to buy any, it was just feeling, a thought which will probably be around forever, its just part of me now & the more time goes on ive worked out that feeling/thought just fades but probably never completely goes away xx im not depressed about it just doing a bit of sorting myself out i suppose x thanks for listening - ive come so far, i am star:):):)

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Hi KitKat :D

Great into the 3rd month now well done Big Hug

That slight I want one thought is normal but as you say it's just a thought and the further you go the further apart those thoughts get




You have come far, and yep a star indeed!

What you've been getting is just those little subliminal hints that are now just things you'll deal with each time they occur.. i see folk smoking now and yes, sometimes i think mmmm but at the same time i'm thinking.. but not for me thank you!

They are just like little 'hints'.. the demon that still resides within is saying..'hey lookie.. over there.. him.. smoking.. how about me?' :)

and you do well to say.. 'get back in your box you!!!' :)

So well done.. i'm counting on you to show me the way here now.. we are not so far apart in our quits.. and i'm proud of where you are .. so keep on going!



Hi Kitkat well done on your quit, wouldnt it be great if our mind would switch off forever on the cig thoughts so we could be like someone who never smoked. If we could forget it would be brilliant. :)


Thank you marg, feeling better already & if in time them thoughts get further apart then i truly think ive cracked it:)

thank you jase once again you make me smile with a great way of looking at the whole smoking business, it makes sense :)

& yes trendy i would love that if we could be like someone who never smoked, & its sad really coz once we all where that person who never smoked, but maybe we would always wonder, so maybe at least we know :)


ps - DRUM ROLL PLEASE...I am now on 2months 1 week & 3 days almost done hey i cant believe it sometimes x do i really not smoke,:D


/drumroll :)


There you go :)

And well done to you :)

Its just this adjustment thing we are dealing with now mostly, its as much a challenge as the early part of the quit.. finding stuff to do with the time.. and dealing with emotions that give off different signals now because we no longer drown them in a drug.

It makes sense, complete sense to me when i see it like that.. so although we are further on in our quit, we are every bit as fragile as we were in the beginning because we are still getting used to who we are now, compared to who we were then.

Quite a few of us feeling like this at the moment so i guess its quite normal :)



ha ha thanks for drum roll jase, glad other feel this, that is true. Crikey jase how do you know all this? :)

hi chrissie suppose i have come through stuff.... potty training didnt go to well!!! he was happy to wear is roary underpants but was also happy to wear a following 4 pairs of underpants with no intension of going on potty or toilet, did a star chart the lot, hes even got a potty that looks like a car..... just leaving it for a bit & try again older one wasnt easy to potty train but was much more wanting to try & accidents where just accidents... challenges hey.

& Yes chrissie my driving test this monday, i am whacking it completely any tips? think i need a life coach or someone to go to the test in disguise as me:D


/so although we are further on in our quit, we are every bit as fragile as we were in the beginning because we are still getting used to who we are now, compared to who we were then.

Quite a few of us feeling like this at the moment so i guess its quite normal :)


yep - youve hit the nail on the head there jase.

well done kitkat - your going great. you are a star!!

(hmm .. im not sure if that is a star or a flower!)

must be nearly the big 10 weeks soon - that's a hell of a long way to have come. you should be very proud :D


thank you bman for the lovely picture hee hee love it, think it a pink star?or 2

& a very important correction bman:D i am coming up to 11 weeks this monday (counted months in calendars) hey i might start counting in weeks again it sounds more xx:D

hows you doing?


Crikey jase how do you know all this?

I'm one of lifes thinkers :) i noticed that i was getting a bit worrysome on things lately, and other emotions were getting a bit more than normal, so to help me cope i thought, and thought as to why i would be feeling that way... and what i typed is pretty much my most plausible explanation for our moods as good/sad/indifferent that they can be.

The hardest one is where you can feel really on top of the world one day, and then the following day.. a proper down in the dumps feeling, now we were conned for years into believing that we would celebrate with a smoke, and console ourselves with a smoke.. give ourselves courage with a smoke... calm down with a smoke...

its funny, but all that time if we were on any other drug.. cannabis, E, coke, lsd the list goes on.. we'd have lost our jobs, and been a right mess, but we were still just about every hour on the hour justifying taking a drug.. so we for X amount of years lost touch with our real feelings because we were falsely fortifying it and believing an illusion created by nicotine itself.

well hello? now we've severed that supply, we are now experiencing the same emotions we've always been having.. even stress, and dealing with it rather well thank you without smoking. yes some of it is a bit weird, sometimes you feel very off-key? but compared to the possibility of being hooked on a drug for life, i think we chose the right path here.

So well done you... and well done us!! Foreever may it continue!

(sorry was another longish post, i said i'm one of lifes thinkers, but i still think my posts are sometimes too long hehe)


Hi KitKat :D

Almost 11 weeks is great Huge hug coming your way

I really think you have this sussed now


Marg xx


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