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Smoky fairy lights!

Earlier today I decided it was time to make it a bit more Christmassy in here, so I got the fairy lights out. As I was untangling them, I got a familiar whiff....

At first I thought someone was smoking, but there's only me, OH and the cats here, and none of us smoke (even Blackie the cat now he can't steal my fags!).

Then I realised - it was the fairy lights! Last year I kept them up for ages (cos I like sparkly things!) in the room where I smoked the most, you wouldn't think the smell would stick to things like that so much but it DOES!

I've given up on untangling them for now, but I'll have another go at some point, the poor things need airing haha!

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Of all the things to discover would smell of tobacco after all that time.

Did the smell seem kind of nostalgic or yukky or somewhere in between?

The only time I change sofa is when the tree is up then I like to sit by the tree.... wonder if my lights and baubles will smell? I doubt it, I take it down and put away by the 4th or so of Jan.

Plus, my OH still smokes the odd one or two some nights so I've not got used to the house not smelling of smoke.

I bet you had a very confused nose/moment there for a while though :)

Happy untangling :)


That's pretty amazing about the lights, have been warned about old clothes and winter coats - I keep thinking I smell smoke too, there's a smoking shelter in work and every now and again when the window is open I think I can smell it.


I haven't noticed a smell on the christmas lights but so smell it on clothes, coats scarfs etc that I keep pulling out of the back of the wardrobe.

I never wore perfum as I couldn't smell it and thought it a waste of I love it as at the end of the day I can still smell it is lovely.



I've been getting stuff out of the wardrobe to wear and it's ended up in the washing basket...god didn't we stink???!!!

As for perfume...I used to plaster it on when I smoked hoping it would mask the fag smell. I now only need a couple of sprays, so my perfume should last longer! Another benefit :)


Mmmm i've found some pongy winter coats, and my christmas tree stiltwalking outfit from last year, which niffed something dreadful.... doens't fit in the washing machine, so its febreeze all the way baby!

Childrens Entertainer, reeking of fags... seems so wrong now... what an example to set...!!!! So glad its no more.

Time for ze beeeg clean methinks!



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