light at the end of the tunnel

day 6 and going strong feell better but still tired am so proud of myself , gonna treat myself with somethin nice with the 40pounds ive saved this week by not smoking , my sense of smell is coming back and i can smell the washing powder of my clothes now oh happy days rosie

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  • Hi Rosie ,

    Well done , sounds like you are really positive which is good. you treat yourself to something nice you really deserve it £ 40 pound aint that great !.plus you will have much more to spend on your self as times goes by. i have now got a great collection of smelly perfumes.

    enjoy your spend up ...

    lots love ali xx:D

  • Well done Rosie :) I'm a day behind you but isn't it great to finally smell things? I'm driving with the window down just so I can sniff the greenery after the rain. Tis brilliant. See you tomorrow :D

  • Congrats well done on getting this far, go get yourself some really nice

  • Hi Rosie, Day 6 already, that is fantastic! almost first week smoke free a big well done, keep going and keep smiling,


  • Hi Rosie,

    Nearly done the first week. Fantastic. :D Stay strong.


  • Hi Rosie :D

    Nearly a week that's great and already you're feeling the benefits of quitting and there'll be lots more to come for you


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • one week and still going

    this day last week a had my last smoke , cant believe ive done so well i really feel great , day 3 was the worst for me , im actually not craving hardly at all now , im taking walks in the evening to curb the crave after dinner and find its really helped , my mind is set as a non smoker and a think thats helping as well , the old mind over matter thing , my hubby is well pleased as well , i cant believe the support am getting with everyone this forum is great , am still tired is this normal at this stage i thought i would have more energy by now , but i know that will come its so good to get away fom the control of cigs cos i realise now how my life was so controlled with my addiction no more worrying about running outside for a smoke yeha x

  • Hi Rosie :D

    Great that's the first week done and dusted

    The tiredness you feel at the moment is normal and will start to get beter very soon

    You sound as if you have a good attitude to this and that will help as well just keep plodding on you can di this


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • well done Rosie - your doing great -

    how nice is it to be able to smell the washing powder! I've washed everything I own this week its such a novelty! Need to go and invest in some nice aftershave now I think. maybe you could get some nice perfume with your 40 quid?!:D

  • Well done Rose you are doing fantastic and it sound like you have got your head in the right place, thinking the way you are you cant go wrong.

    Big hugs and Congrates :)

  • Well done Rosie you start talking in weeks from tomorrow.

    Enjoy spending the money on yourself you deserve it.


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