My poor cat

My cat is 15 years old now and for all those years I've been telling people she's not a lap cat, not interested in snoozing on me at all and this did upset me a bit to begin with. The only time she's ever got up on my lap was the first night in this house 13 years ago and I was thrilled!!!

Well, the past couple of weeks she's been getting up on my settee and sleeping at the other end...near my feet. She's gradually been moving nearer and nearer till last night she actually slowly crept up on to my lap and slept there for the rest of the evening. I ended up nearly wetting myself because I didn't want to move!

The only thing I can put this down to is me not smelling of fags anymore. The poor thing.

Also hubby and I drove into a garage last night and he got out, put fuel in and went in to pay for it. When he came out he said the guy in front of him stank of fags and it was only then that it hit him that I hadn't smelt like that for ages. He always mentioned if my perfume was nice but never told me I stank of fags (yes he is loverly).

So, at last another couple of positives of quitting!!!

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  • What a nice story...and you've got a happy cat


  • What a fab story.

    Really made me smile and I needed to smile today! Thank you!! :)

  • Hi JJ :D

    That's a lovely story and just goes to show that even our pets notice when we smell nice


    Marg xxx

  • What a lovely story JJ, your cat obviously loves the new non-smoking you. Animals have more sense than us it would seem.


  • Lovely story JJ

    I feel really guilty about how badly I used to smell.....


  • my cat was a beast before I gave up smoking and is still a beast :D

  • Can second the cat thing and also the fact that my daughter likes to have cuddles now. :)

  • jj69

    I have cats, 3, all are house cats. the 2 boys from kittens and never been lap cats, the 3rd a stray and a defo lap cat at times... I always felt crap about the smoke around them.. funny to read ur post Tigger almost came on my lap today.... makes me wonder. also they also went to sit in kitchen where the window was open just enought to tet some air in. that seems to have changed too.. mmmm think I will moniter it... another positive reason NOT TO SMOKE AGAIN

    sue xx

  • Thinks thats really great, animals have amazing intuition so it could well be the smoking smell, perhaps thats why our rescue cat is at long last coming to bed with us.


  • Oh JJ this is lovely!! However remember cats do not have owners, they have staff :D

  • We have 7 cats (hence my name lol), and they seemed naughtier than usual when I quit - I think THEY were going through withdrawal with me!!!!

    It's all calmed down now though and I'm getting plenty of cuddles from my top cat Motley (no change there though! :) )

  • My cat has taken to sitting in the bath

  • Oh JJ this is lovely!! However remember cats do not have owners, they have staff :D

    Couldn't agree more...........LOL

  • Talking about cats I don't know what to do with mine... Coco passed away 5 weeks ago and since then, Lucy has not been herself. They were sisters and born on the same day, and they are/were 18 years old now, which is quite a long time for a cat. I have taken her to the vet but she sees nothing wrong with her, yet she did some tests and X-rays and had some antibiotics and inflamation jab but she is still the same if not worse. She won't eat and she won't drink and spend all day looking through the window hoping to see Coco. She is not grooming herself since Coco died. I believe she just wants to go and there is nothing I can do. She looks very depressed to be honest. She spends all day sleeping and purring away when you talk to her but she is not interested on anything anymore. I know this is not a CAT forum but thought I would vent my frustrations here.

    Anyway, I stopped Zyban on day 43 and I have now been 'on my own' for 5 days, so Monday will be my 50th day!! I can't believe it! I have just spent 200 quid on clothes for myself (Xmas present to me!!).

    Kiss Kiss

  • I know my 4 cats weren't bothered by smoke. In the evenings all four would fight for my lap and my OH and I both smoked at the time. Only have two left now and I'm not aware of any withdrawals from smoke, just the sulks that I'm not in my sofa corner anymore and they have no lap. OH is obviously not a choice, smoker or not ;)

    One is catching and eating more mice however .............

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