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day 12 and my hypnotist has started smoking


Its day 12 already and Im feeling better than I did on day 6 so thats a relief but believe it or not my hypnotist has just fallen off the wagon and I ended up counselling him. He said he had a bad back and fags gave him relief, he gave me some papers to read and one of the pieces said "there is no illness or problem that can be solved with a cigarette". (HMMMM she folds her arms and frowns in a Nora Batty style). Me thinks he talks with forked tongue or in the very least a load of twaddle.

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P.S. Just been to the bank to close down an old account for hubby, he said there was just a couple of quid in there, but there was £500+, big dilemma.

1. He knows exactly what is in there and is testing me

2. I keep it and spend it on "I've had it ages clothes" after my op

3. Give it to charity

4. Own up

answers on a postcard pls


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Now if it was me I'd own up to half and keep half:D

There’s always stuff I need (oh okay - its stuff I don't need but really really want) but the thing is my fiancé always rationalises it to the point where I don't go ahead and spend.

Test him right back - say "honey, I checked that account before closing and there was a couple of hundred in there." Watch his face when he asks you "how much" - you say " about £200". Watch the face for changes. If its immediately happy you've just bagged £250 - if he starts asking more the games up and you can always claim that your heads all over the place with giving up cigs!!!

mwahhahahahahahaaaaa:cool: (there should be an evil icon for this type of stuff!!!)

As for your hypnotist - you'd be better off just buying a book:D

Love it PD your on my wave lenghth

Oh dear what a dilema!!

Me and OH spoke about something similar the other night, I asked him whether he would tell me if we won the lottery (OH is very very tight with money) and he said that if I didnt know that he had put it on then No he would not tell me as I would just spend it (I am female of course I would)

I would do what PD has said - say there was more but try and keep half, just make sure you take the labels off said "had this for ages" clothes. If you do get to go and buy some new stuff then tell OH that you are having a clear out of your clothes and then come across your new things and exclaim loudly "oh look not worn this for aaaaaages!" make sure you chuck some clothes out though.

I think thats a cracking idea. I'd keep it all though. I have a perpetually guilty look on my face so I may as well go down for whole lot.

Yep your right Fiona, Im keeping it all and saying nothing, but if I do pop my clogs on Thurs its hidden in the cleaning drawer cause I know he'll never go there. So you'd better tell him but say I was going to buy him a pressy with it so he does'nt think too bad of me.

Oh! the dilemmas of being a woman


huh? Lie about money to your husband?

I never lie about money to my wife, and I don't understand the logic of stealing from your other half.

Im my wife did that to me, especially as there is no need, id go balistic!

However ladies, I am a man and my brain functions on simple logic, and I cannot fathom the brain of a female and why they feel compelled to do the things that they do.

P.s. You mean to tell me after all this time them clothes that I don't recognise and she tells me they were last years clothes are a LIE???????

Yes but amsie I have 5oo quid and he dosen't and he would only spend it on stupid things like bills and diy. Whereas I will spend it on the more important things like shoes.

Soooooooooooooooooooo did you tell him? :)

No I did not, what do you take me for, a jerk, I am also half way through a plan to extort some more out of him, will tell all when scheme is foolproofed


way to go Caroline, I bow down to your inspiring money extraction - please let me in on your secret once you have fool proofed it and its been tried and tested. Would love to be able to extract some money out of my OH lol :)

Stacey489 Months Smoke Free

Lollllllll this cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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