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No Smoking Day
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Day 18 Tomorrow

I just wanted to thank everyone on here for your continued support. This site is awesome for people trying to quit smoking. It has definitely helped me get through the past couple weeks.

Day 18 tomorrow. Can't believe I just typed that. The longest I've ever been able to make it was 5 days this past summer. I can honestly say I don't want to smoke anymore. I'm not saying that I don't have cravings but I just don't really see the sense in it anymore. I think most of the time I smoked a cigarette to reward myself for doing something or when I was transitioning from one task to the next.

A few days ago after splitting firewood I really wanted a cigarette. This was probably the worst/strongest craving since I quit. I went round and round with myself and then finally realized that it would be stupid to smoke at that point. I mean first of all I just finish some pretty strenuous work (which got my heart rate up and my lungs going). Also I had made it past the two week mark which is the longest I have ever gone without smoking since I started. Finally I realized that cigarettes make my heart rate go up and clog up my lungs so why would I ever want to raise my heart rate more and clog my lungs when my body is trying to get as much oxygen as possible??

Every time I've had a craving the past few days I think about that, especially if I'm relaxed when I want a smoke. It just doesn't make sense to me anymore. Why so I want to get my body all worked up when I'm calm??

Hopefully that makes sense and I didn't ramble on too much. Again thank you to everyone for making this site so great.

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Hi F1fan :D

Well done day 18 tomorrow almost three weeks already that's great Big Hug from one F1 fan to another

Also well done getting through that trigger moment after splitting firewood if/when you do it again it won't be so hard for you

Most of us like you were in the habit of having a fag as a reward for doing something no matter how small that task was


Marg xx


Wow, that's so good getting to day 18- nearly 3 weeks! It does start to fly by, and craves get less, and you just need to remember why you quit and you won't fall back into the trap. 18 days is really good, you should be well pleased! :)


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