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Day 18 (Crashed and Burned!!!!!!!!)


Hi Everyone,

Well it would have been day 18 today, but I crashed and burned yesterday. I casually walked into a shop, purchased some tobacco and papers and drove home. Where I proceeded to roll and cigarette and smoke it with a cold can of Coca Cola. Well I would like to say I feel guilty, but I don't, I would like to say it made me feel sick, but it didn't.

Infact it was soooooo gooooood... :)

So I have just got to decide whether I am going to carry on smoking or put it down to a small glitch and carry on with the campaign. Whatever happens I will put up another post to let everyone know one way or another once I've decided.

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Morning Gav

I know how you feel. When i smoked that first one the other day, i really enjoyed it but the second one, i felt sick.I too just smoked them , didn`t know why, just did.

17 days is still a great effort. I hope you decide to stick with the non smoking, i know its hard. I have to fight it all the time.

I had a good day yesterday , only 2-3 craves, but today i have already craved for about 30 mins.I don`t know if i want one or its just the habit.

We are all here to help and support you whatever you decide to do.

Barb x

Hi Gav

Sorry about your slip 17 days is good and its really up to you if this is day18 or not you are the one that has to do it. Its not easy I know but things do inprove with time dont worry anyway we are all here for you. Love Linda xx

Remember it's not that the cigarette was good, it's just that the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal (i.e. your brain screaming out for nicotine!) has been temporarily stopped.

If you decide to give it another go, try nicotine replacement therapy. If you can do 17 days in a stretch then you can beat this easily with a bit of strategy!

It's your choice though so best of luck whatever you decide :)

Ok no problem it happens x x x till the next time you quit and have to drag yourself screaming and kicking through withdrawal again!

It is up to you how often you want to go through it x x you've a good head start on quitting now, i think you should stick to it, for you, your pregnant wife and son x x

I visited my mate and her baby a few weeks ago, 10 days old he was and i could smell the smoke on him. She's desperate to quit again.

It's only you that can weigh it all up and whatever happens WHATEVER!! We will be here and supportive of you

*hugs* *kisses*

x x x x x x x ~Buffy~ x x x x x x x

man that sounded lush

i think i got a fix from that cold can of coke and lovely cigarette.. mmmmmmmmmmm, heaven!!

must resist

must resist

must resist

Muzzy sorry >_<

Please divert your eyes from any crash and burn stories!!!!!!!!!

Imagine all that slimy yellow tar adhering to the thick syrupy sugar ensuring a greater glupey mixture the strength of super glue lining your innards.

Before turning into a solid mass reducing the capacity of your now smoke free lungs :D

Better? ~Buffy x

no, the coke and fag still sounds lush :D :)

:rolleyes: man, theres no helping some people :rolleyes:

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