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Ding Dong Day 27

Morning all,

Well here at work we got our priorities straight this morning and put up the crimbo decorations!!! So now it's all sparkly blue and silver round our section :D

I did ok yesterday, I'm struggling when playing poker.... I guess it was like a partner in crime and now I am having to deal with the ups and downs of poker without having the ciggie break... so I am playing for small stakes on a site with hardly any money in case I tilt off my whole bank roll hahahaha

Poker players amoung you will understand ;)

Once I can deal with it and get my Zen back I will go back to my normal games.

Anyway's its thursday... why is it not Friday yet??? I could really do with it being Friday, I fancy a pint and I need a lay in... I cannot for the life of me get up in the mornings this week!

OoOOoo And mad dreams continue... this time a work colleague murdered someone and implicated me with the disposal of the body!!!!! :eek:

Oh went to see no smoking man who gave me 4 weeks supply of patches and some micro-tabs for the price of a prescription so that saves me a bundle... and my Carbon Monoxide level was 1ppm... :D

He actually said I dont think you need me... I said well maybe not but I need cheap patches, I'm a civil servant I'm not blooming made of money and it's more expensive then smoking for me hahaha My bacci only cost me about £6 a week lol

Patches are £13 a box.... which by the way i think is extortionat <<< not sure on that spelling lol

Much love all, Have a great day.

Mixxy xxx

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Hi Mixxy :D

Almost a full month for you smoke free well done

You sound bright and determined this morning keep it going


Marg xxx


Well done, keep up your positive attitude and you will go far.



Yay Mixxy, you're steaming along on day 27. Four whole weeks tomorrow. Woweee - go girl.

Your dreams sound like a TV detective script. New career beckons? :D


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