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Day 27 & still going strong :)


Hi all,

Sorry i haven't been on for a few days but ive got chronic toothache :( managed to get an appointment for Tuesday when my last wisdom tooth will be gone yippee :D

I'm pleased to say i'm still doing well with my quit, in fact even through the pain & stress over the last few days i didn't want to resort to smoking again. I thought briefly about cigarettes yes, & the fact that i enjoyed most of them, but my main thoughts were, i dont want to do it because i dont need to do it anymore!........smoking would not take away the pain or help in any way at all. Smoking causes stress, it does not relieve stress, the last 27 days have proved that :)

Hope all you lovely quitters are staying strong & still smelling lovely :p

This is one of the best choices we have ever made in our lives, it's never too late to quit.

Trudy x

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well done fluff

Hiya fluff,

Well done getting to day 27! I'm one day behind ya! Your doing a grand job. Sooooo sorry to hear about the toothache. Nothing worse. Ah well glad your getting it sorted soon.

Not long till we re in month 2 :-)


Well done on braving the dentist and staying quit. Takes guts that one... I think dentists are scariest people on this planet :D

Thank you for keeping count for us too... didnt realize its been 27 days already, somehow thought less since its yet another week until end of January.

Keep up the good spirit, we can do it!



Whoop! Trudy!

Sorry to hear about the tooth, but I'm so happy for you. You are sounding pretty confident on that quit and it's so nice to see how far we've come since that first reluctant post on the first of January!

Well done, chick!



Thanks guys, hate the dentist, been a phobia of mine for years but tuesday cant come quick enough, get this tooth out of my head :eek:

We are brilliant at this quiting malarkey haha :D

Stay strong everyone, onwards & upwards.

Trudy x

Well done Trudy! I'm on day 27 too and going stronger than ever, I'm itching to get to the next room and start counting my quit in months!

You'll have one less thing to worry about when you go to the dentist - no more stinky cig breath! I feel sorry for dentists having to poke about in smoker's mouths, must be bloody awful! I imagine you'll be praised for quitting while your're there too! :D

Keep up the good work :D

Well done Trudy, you're doing great, I knew you'd still be going :) I'm still going too, 26 days for me :)

Good luck with the dentist, i've lost a few of my teeth due to smoking - it's a bloody evil habit that i'm glad we've all got rid of...

Keep going, see you in the next room soon :D

Denise x

Nice one Trudy! Guys, gals, it's February this week...almost one whole month in, how quick has that gone? Love these threads, justified pride all round, GREAT GOING - keep it up one and all!

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