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Awwww little baby patches!

Just put my first 7mg patch on, and I was astounded at how little and cute it is compared to the huge things that covered half my body when I first started!

I'm about to go to work, and I'm taking a 14mg patch and the inhalator as back-up - here's hoping I don't need either and the little baby kitten patches are enough! :)

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Well done down to the baby 7mg patches is great


Marg xx


Way to go MCW.

After yesterday if you can cope with that you can cope with the cutey patches.

Good luck...xx


Well I COULD manage - til it fell off! And it's soooo little and cute I couldn't find it anywhere to stick it back on, and I'm not sure where or when it fell off! (Or i woulda tried a repair job with sellotape!) :mad:

I briefly considered going CT, but work was already gearing up to be a stressful one so I'm now wearing my emergency 14mg one - I just wish I'd brought an emergency 7mg one!

Take 2 on the baby ones tomorrow! :D


You shoulda cut that 14mg in half.. then you'd have had a half to put on as emergency later.

Main thing is you got through though, so well done.




I agree with Jase about cutting the big one but if you think you need more perhaps you could use the inhalator as you would get a better chance of getting used to the smaller patches. I used the patches and had no bother changing to the lower one but initially my head worried about it! However, do not risk your quit, if you need the bigger patch then use it.

Best wishes to you.



It's not that I NEED the bigger one, I was getting on fine with the little one til it fell off! I thought about cutting the other one in half - but unfortunately I work in the only office in the world that doesn't have ONE pair of scissors anywhere! (I had to get in the wrapper with my TEETH.....)

I'll stick another little one on as soon as I get home. :D


You know? aint that just the truth.. they make sure that the wrapping for these patches is nigh on impossible to get into without scissors. I remember one day not being able to find scissors either.. ended up using wire cutters :)...crazy that they make something that might be needed in an emergency so damn hard to open :)

Its a bit like those kids toys you can get in the thick clear plastic wrapping.. that plastic is tough.. and when your little one wants to play with that straight away and you have no scissors, thats also similar... and :eek:arghhh :eek: moment


:D I was in the kitchen at work stabbing the packet with a blunt knife! The security guard came in and looked a bit scared hehe! (Hmmmm I wonder if I'M the reason they hid all the scissors....?!)

Anyway I got to about 4pm and decided I didn't want to be wearing the 14mg patch anyway cos I've had enough of those - so I took it off seeing as I'd just about finished all my work and had nothing in particular that I needed to concentrate on.

I got home at about 5.30, meaning to put another little patch on - then decided to leave it as I needed a shower anyway...

I've JUST got round to having my shower - so I've been cold turkey for 5 hours and haven't really felt much different. I'm gonna stick a baby patch on before bed though, I don't want my first patch-free day to be a work day, but I know I can manage without em now!


Good job on the 5 hours cold turkey!!! I'm on the 14mg and are the 7mg really that small? That will be great cause they tear my skin up so bad that maybe the little ones won't be so noticable all over my body!!!!

But I will be on the 14mg for a while yet!

Have a great day!



They're TINY! I never did find the one that fell off earlier, and I've always found the offending one when that's happened before!

I just checked - they're about an inch square (or a bit less) - so little and cute! :p


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