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Day 3 - No sweat (With a little help from patches)


Hi guys,

New to the forum. On my 3rd day and thought it would be good to start bloggin it.

I've smoked for 5 years. Quit for 2 months over last christmas but found myself smoking again because I thought I could have one when i was out having a drink. (Schoolboy error)

So yeah, On 14mg patches at the moment (take them off at night) dropping down to 7mg in 4 days time for two weeks, will extend if necessary!

I find theirs a few times of the day when I get cravings (After food normally) but within 10-15 mins they subside. Feel a bit more of an appetite coming on now, drank a few too many cups of tea!

This journey of quitting is quite significant to me, as it represents the will and power to self-conquer. I'm not happy with this default habit I've been adopting.

I wish everyone the best, we all have the power!



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Hi Luke

Im on day 3 aswell. Have found yhis a great site.

We can do it.:D

Cheers Max, thanks for the introduction!

Nice to hear midwifey, feeling good!.. You cold turkey'ing or using patches, gum etc?

Tried CT before but not enough will power. Im using patches and lozenges (only about 4 lozenges a day tho)

Hi Luke and welcome to the forum. 3 days is a great start to freedom!

As Max says there are so many like minded people on here using many different methods, cold turkey(CT), patches, gum, champix etc so there will always be someone who has stood in your shoes regarding how you give up that may be able to offer advice if you want it. there will ALWYS be someone here to encourage and support.

Love your idea of 'default setting', none of us where born with a fag in our mouths where we;)

good luck and keep strong and let us know how you are getting on.

I thought I could have one when i was out having a drink. (Schoolboy error)

Oh I get you there Luke. Quit for six solid months. Then I had one. Just one. Then lots.

Aus doesn't have a forum like this, there is a champix website that says in it that a slip up is ok (and really stresses the point). So much so that you go, oh I could have just one, it's ok, it would just be a slip up... When I get on it I look at it and my head just screams at me "no it's really not ok! It's not!!!" And then I'm conflicted. So I drink wayyyyy too much water ;)

I think the important thing is to not punish yourself for one, but to ultimately do everything you can to prevent that "one" from occurring. You're lucky because you've been through it all so you know how to handle it this time :)

Good luck with your quit!!! :D

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