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Confesion time

I had a couple of cigarettes whilst drinking wednesday night..Woke up thursday and thought what an idiot i was...So i thought count it as a blip and carry on....But today i sliped again because of that empty insecure feeling and had a couple of puffs and went very i put it out.

I know i should not beat myself up over it.But i dont want to loose my quit and feel like im going to if i carry on doing this. I know im a plonka for doing

And since the wednesday slip up i stoped using my inhaler thinking that way would be better(big mistake). Yesterday went brill but today went rough im glad i did not enjoy that couple of puffs on a cigarette today:D.Yet the two i smoked wednesday night was ok from what i remember:eek:(i was a little drunk)

So now im going to stick to my inhaler i think because i cant trust myself without it just yet.My next steps well be to read more posts and read allen carrs book again and also listen to paul mckenas relaxation cd,As im feeling my horse could throw me off at any minute. So i think he needs more training:D

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I've lost count of the amount of times I've eventually lost my quit due to a couple of stupid smokes when I had been drinking.

Just put it behind you and carry on with it. you've been quit since the 18th August so you've been doing something right. Its time to get back into that same mindset again.

I'm sure you can do it




Yes me to ive been there loads to, it all starts with that one mistake than before you know it your back on 20 a day in no time. Then your amazed and shocked how fast it took you to be back smoking that much:eek:.

Im hoping thats that me this time

lee x


My last quit was earlier this year I quit from Feb through to May, In may we went to Egypt on holiday and I just couldn't imagine lying by the pool with a beer without a cigarette.

By the end of the 2 week holiday I was upto 15 a day and didn't stop until 21st Oct.

I'm determined this is the last time I'm quitting, I'm not going to put myself through this shit again!!!


Hi Lee :)

Sorry you had a blip Wednesday night make sure you stay on the straight and narrow from now on though or you know where it ends


Marg xx


I know what you mean on drinking and craving a cig. I know that I cannot drink for a while because that is when I will want one the most. I have the patches on stand by so if it gets to bad when I drink I can slap one on. Don't beat yourself up to bad I have done the same thing before but not on a long of a quit as you, couldn't ever make it that long :mad:.

So just keep on going and just be aware of what that trigger was...




OHHH, story of my life....

Even one will re-addict you and keep make you crave the next one. I know this, but -er, keep doing it!



Yes i know if i dont stay on the straight and narrow that ill be worse off than i am now. So i will also be cautious when im drinking aswell.

I was doing so well for quite awhile then all of a sudden ive started missing them again....But im determind to beat them nicotine demons away!!

lee x


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