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Day 5

Well im so pleased with myself day 5 and looking forward to the furture of being a heathly woman

Kept myself very busy yesterday so didnt really have many times when i felt i needed a fag only a couple of times.

So today is day 5 and soon be my first week and im still writing down everthing im eating and sticking to my weight watchers plan so i feel quite good and proud of myself.

So we will see what today brings as its raining here big time so may have to do some more sorting out in the house.

Hows you geting on my 5 day mate Dave????


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Hi Kay :D

Well done getting to day 5 is great keep it going

It's chucking it down here as well and I have to go out later


Day 5 already. I feel so pleased with myself. Yesterday went well. Busy day and kids Haloween party last night. For the first time I went the whole evening without thinking about ciggies! I only realised that when we got home. I'm not being smug about this, Friday wasn't good, but it's great to have a good day after a bad one.

Kay -really pleased to hear you're doing well, together, with the help of all the other winners here, we're beating this.

Oh, it's very grey and raining here as well so will have to get busy indoors today.



Hi Kay and Dave

Well done on 5 days, it will be a week before you know it.

It is chucking it down here and blowing a gale...


Hi you two

Well done, be 5 weeks before you know it. Keep strong

Its 80% and blazing sun here in Cheshire


Bloody well done both day 6 today. CONGRATS.xxxxxx


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