No Smoking Day
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Day 4 - Still going...

Well hello Day 4.....

Have a mini hangover after a few beers at the local pub quiz last night. Didn't even bother me that I wasn't smoking. Was nice to catch up with some peeps I hadn't seen in ages...Am loving the single life again. After how rubbish I felt last week, I now truly know that I did the right thing....Couple of friends said that I looked so much brighter and happier last night. Look like Alice Cooper this morning though. Got the lovely panda eyes effect going on.....Reckon after a brisk walk with my pooch I'll be right as rain.

Hope you all have a lovely smoke free day

PP xx

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Yeah day 4 (never thought we would see that!!) and it's Friday, excellent. Glad you are feeling good. Enjoy the single life and the non smoker life too:D

Have a good week-end


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