No Smoking Day
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Day 5? feels like day 2!

Hello all

Today is my 5th day of not smoking, feeling ok just want to eat all the time. This is the first time I have ever quit I have smoked for gee 27 years or so.

Over all I seem to be feeling a bit better I didnt use patches or even gum I just quit. The worst part of all for me is trying to convince my self that its the right thing to do, I just deal with it and keep going.

I love this site it has really helped me the last few days and its amazing how many people are on the same time line. Hang in there everyone we can do it!


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Hello my lovely

You are doing really well, this is the first time I've quit in 24 years but that's the reason I think we will do it.

I also agree about the food thing, god I'm starving!!


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