Month 2 feels like heaven

Hi guys...just checking in to month 2....doing really well...even though the jeans are a bit on the tight side...and still suffer the odd craving!!!

Still on 7mg patches and 3 or 4 x 2mg lozenges a day....will stay on that for another 2 or 3 weeks...then see how I go.

Well done to everyone who are still on track....this forum has been such a great help to me personally...thanks again.

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  • Cymro a huge congratulations :D:D

    I'm just as proud to be here with you in mth2, yes like u say jeans a bit tighter, ( reacon my washing machine is shrinking things again pmsl)

    Lets keep looking forward and enjoy our life's as non smokers:D

    Sian xx

  • Getting bigger!!!

    Hi Cymro

    Congratulations on getting to month 2. Yes, I've got bigger too - it's month 10 for me - however, trying to lose weight is easier than quitting smoking. You can worry about your weight later; first things first.

    It will be easier to exercise as a non-smoker so it'll be easier to lose the weight once everything else is under control.

  • Thanks both....stopping smoking at my age is so much more important than suffering middle aged spread....but won't give up on that either...that's next years must do....keep going guys....we are getting there!!

  • Well done you - it just keeps getting easier! I know about clothes tightening too although I think I'm now beginning to control my consumption levels slightly more! As already mentioned exercise is so much easier - I'd far rather lose weight than quit smoking again - that's for sure!

  • Well done cymro

    Yay well done Cymro! Glad you finding it getting better. Can't believe we are in the 2 month forum! All the best:)

  • Well done Cymro, you really are doing great!:)

  • Well done Cymro

    It's a great feeling isn't it?

    We are actually doing this ... we are!

    Can you believe it!

    Like I said in a previous post, you do know you are the leader of our pack don't you .... no pressure ..... so what we doing now boss? hehe :D

    Glad you're feeling so positive, it's contagious!

    Well done mate

    Take care


  • well cymro it looks like your the master, hehehe

    and in your absence Greg is your next in line:D

    so i think its time u started a group with our new name

    Sian xx

  • I've not been on here for a few days....and I've been promoted to 'Leader of the Gang'...not sure I'm worthy of such a responsible position......hmm...maybe if I don't attend work for a few days I could get promoted there too!!!!

    Happy to be part of the gang...was the name relating to Grange Hill or something like that?.....what was the significance?...quiting is affecting my thought process here....great fun and such a help is this forum.

  • Hi Cymro

    Dunno really, it just sort of evolved from this previous post of yours:


    Take care mucker


  • well done Cymro

    Its great to come into the second month!! Big huge massive congratulations!!!

  • Hey you doing?...feels good eh.....welcome aboard the good ship month 2!!!...keep it going...united we are beating this.

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