No Smoking Day
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Starting day 4

Start of day 4 for me today! :D

After a bit of a jittery afternoon yesterday things calmed down and had another good nights sleep. That's one thing I'm grateful for, it doesn't seem to have affected my sleep although I think the champix may be helping with that. So far I'm feeling nice and calm although the usual thought did enter my head on waking, "won't get up just yet, after all, I can't have a fag". I have to keep reminding myself that I can have one if I want but I CHOOSE not to!

My son goes back to uni tomorrow in Germany, hubby is in the states for 2 weeks so I'm going to be on my own after the weekend for a while...will have to make a plan of things to keep me busy. My daughter and her hubby are away for the weekend for her birthday so I'm looking after 3 grandchildren, my other daughter is coming with my 2 other grandchildren to help me out so I'll either be on my knees craving a fag or I won't have time to think about one!!

I've also hunted out some knitting I started last year so that's another distraction.

Feeling really positive now and starting to get a bit of a grin on my face when I think that this is day 4!!! :)

Good luck to everyone else...whatever day you're on.

JJ x

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Sounding good JJ:Dkeep that smile on and keep busy....well done:D


Thanks Ellie!

I've just realised something. When I smoked, which was outside, I used an upturned flowerpot with a hole in the bottom which rested on a flowerpot dish. This stopped ash and fag butts being blown everywhere. Well, when I stopped smoking I thought I'd leave it there and when things got desperate I'd go and look at the tar that had collected inside the pot and have a deep sniff of it, as even when I smoked it still smelled rank when I emptied it.

Well, I haven't had to resort to doing any of that :eek: Still think I'll leave it there for a while as it's still early days yet!


I have the backup "full car ashtray" which I'm pleased to say, I've not resorted to. :rolleyes:

Huge achievement on getting to day 4, roll on 7 then I may start to feel a bit more comfortable.


Well done JJ you are doing really well. REmember to keep busy and you will be fine.



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