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Getting through Day 4

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Lulu_652 Years Smoke Free

Really pleased that I'm (almost) through day 4. I was worried about today as I've been so spaced out over the weekend and was concerned about not being able to concentrate and function at work.

I was a bit 'out of it' and kept sort of zoning in and out of things in a meeting as if it didn't really have anything to do with me.

Oh and... none of my family have even noticed yet! :rolleyes:

Lauren :o

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Well done!

That is the hardest days out of the way now, onwards and upwards as they say. Keep it going and you will soon have completed a whole week! Awesome!

Hi Lauren

Well done on your quit. I promise the wooziness will ease by the end of the first week. Remember that your ridding yourself of an enemy that has enslaved you for years and it's just trying to fight back.

Stay strong honey! :)

I can fully empathise with your secrecy in the early days. I told only my manager and a co-worker to start with. For the same reasons as you - but also because I didn't want people to keep asking me how I was doing! :confused:

I think I got through the first three weeks before I let the cat out of the bag (gosh, see how much better it gets with time, I can't quite remember what happened in my quit 6 weeks ago).

I can't believe your family hasn't noticed though! You could have some fun with that! :)

It will get easier - keep up the good work - you will soon make a week and then the upward counting keeps you motivated. :D

Shazza x

Well done Lauren. Thats your first full day at work all wrapped up with a little bow tied on top :) Knew you'd breeze it. As for the 'out of it' may as well just enjoy it whilst it lasts.......Sadly it doesnt last long heh heh. Its all about firsts for a while now. First day at work....first drink.....first whatever.....but you'll survive them just as you survived this one. Chuffed to bits for you. Day five tomorrow :D

Nice one Lauren, you're doing great :)

Denise x

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Lulu_652 Years Smoke Free

Thanks everyone :D

This forum is fab. Loads of great advice in the old threads as well as someone to tell about it all! None of my family smoke so discussing it with them is just pointless when I'm still at this wobbly stage where a well meaning but patronising comment is the last thing I need.

I keep veering between really happy and excited that I no longer smoke, and then really sad as I want to do my usual routine and can't.. have to keep reminding myself that my old routine (nipping out in the garden every hour or so in the evening for a smoke) was really awful, smelly and depressing (I was really starting to worry quite deeply about the effects of smoking on my health). I've tried stopping before but never really dealt with the psycholgical addiction which I've focussed on this time. Determined this time I will win.

I'm just really pleased and releaved I found this forum.

Lauren :)

Thanks everyone :D

This forum is fab.

Its reading posts such as yours that make it fab.

Well done


Its reading posts such as yours that make it fab.

Well done


Well said Aitch!

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Lulu_652 Years Smoke Free

:D Thanks for all the messages.

I'm just sat here and realised that the terrible light headed disconnected feeling has actually gone and I feel like I'm (almost) landing back on planet earth!

Off to bed now and looking forward to meeting day 5 tomorrow.

Lauren X

yes i remember it well ,wooly headed, zoned out , in a trance, spaced out, sometimes just standing and staring, Its good to be reminded of how it was in the earlier part of quitting, im so glad i didnt let the weirdness of withdrawals put me off and cave in . everything passes and with each month another aspect of the addiction falls away.


Well done Lauren xx

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