No Smoking Day
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My reasons

1) Really difficult to enjoy smoking. At work you have to stand outside. Now you might think that isn't much of a hardship, and it wasn't really, I didn't mind it, in fact it was quite social, almost like "networking".

But when the law on smoking changed, more people turned to the streets, and that has led to more people being annoyed at smokers. Shopkeepers and local businesses are getting fed up with the accumulation of people and fag butts outside their premises.

It is strange how passers by love to comment at the fact that you are standing having a cigarette. I mean, if I was standing in a doorway talking on my mobile, no-one would pass comment as they walked past. But because I am having a fag, they feel the need to tut tut at you, or say that line "you should give up before it kills you". I would like to have replied "you should shut up before I...." , but alas, all I could do was smile and tell them "I know".

And then you would get comments from colleagues when you went back in to work, "you stink" followed by "alright for some isn't it, time to have a fag". I am the boss, so I could tell them to concentrate on their work and not my activities!

But I finally got to the point where I was fed up with the process of being able to enjoy a fag, in peace, without comment, without some annoying busybody poking their nose in. It will never happen.

So, I gave up! If I can't enjoy it, no point doing it!

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