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Feeling sad

Hi gang well its day cravings as such but i am feeling so sad and i dont know why? Nothing has happened.Im using the nicotine lozengers so still getting nicotine aint it so didnt think this would happen.How long does it take to pass? Its horrible lol Just generally down in the dumps..i mean why!I chose to quit didnt i...and i know i dotn want to be a smoker.Its like the excitment of the first week has worn off.Has anyone else gone thru this and on nrt.Is it the lozengers?? OOOOo sorry ark at me going on and on...jst dont like this feeling at all..and was looking forward to relaxing tonight with a glass of wine but i was scared to incase the tempation to get get some cigs became too much.

I will stop me moaning now and take me bottom lip to bed lol thanks for listening lol

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Ok, you feeling sad? That is normal, trust me we all have days when feeling down is just there. Going to bed is a good idea and then tomorrow you will feel better for getting through it.

Sorry you are feeling down, but as a mum of 3 i know how you feel, smoking will not make u feel any better, you will just be smoking and feeling down. Have a bath, read your fave book/mag get an early night.

You should be very proud of where you are, we all are.

Sleep well and let us know how it is going tomorrow.


Thank u bev.Yes bed it is.Hopefully will feel a bit brighter tomorrow


Hey mum of 4........ hope you wake up feeling a bit better. Like Bev said, it's normal to feel this way......... I believe there is even a chemical/neurological reason for this (check out links in member's signatures..... I know I read this somewhere) but also, you've made a huge change in your life (a positive one) but change can be tough sometimes.... you're letting go of something and that often causes us to be sad (even though you're letting go of crap!) Trust me, those feelings will not last.... so keep on truckin, okay, and congratulations on 10 days smoke free!! :)


Hi mum of 4

Hope you feel better this morning, I felt just like you and I think its after the euphoria of how good to feel a non smoker and breathing better, you get back to normality and there are no more highs,

But just remember back to when you were a desperado, coughing and spluttering and breathe deeply and think to yourself Im better than that person. Also keep with you why your doing this and ride through.

Gets better promise


Hi Mumof4:)

Well done getting to day 10/11 that's great

It's normal to feel sad this early in a quit it does pass but there is no time scale as we're all different so are our quits

It doesn't last for long though and it does get better Promise

Hope you feel better today




Do you feel any better mum of 4? Surely you had off days while you were smoking, stopping smoking doesn't prevent us from having bad days. None of us have the right to feel good all the time, I bet even the Pope has off days. Can't help but be amused at your sig. "Mum of 4" junior member, I would have thought with 4 breast snappers you would be very senior lol. David


Thank you all for the replies.David.....somedays i feel very senior mate with my 4 lol

Anyway back to the nitty Got up this morning..saw my 15 year old sons bedroom and flipped lol I cant belive at 7.30 this am i was dusting..ploshing..throwing out stuff out of his room..god i was a woman demented lol have to laugh now cause he slept through the lot.

My 3 year old then decided to put sudocreme creme all over her and her sisters bedromm..ooooooo the joys.

So this morning no i wasnt sad..just flipping fuming.

Your all right having a fag wouldnt make anything any better at all..and when i thought about it i felt numb all the time i smoked.Just takes a while doesnt it to get used to anger and sadness etc.

I will keep plodding on and try not too feel sorry for myself! Not good for the kids seeing me in a downer anyways so shall just pretend today and maybe that will work lol

Day 10 tho!

Thanku all..u are all so supportive!


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