No Smoking Day
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Hi everyone

Hi everybody and how we all doing. Im feeling good today on day 9.Still sticking to the lozengers and been to the gym again this morning...cant move this afternoon now tho lolololol

Was well pleased last night because it was the first evening i didnt think about smoking and didnt get ratty.That felt really gud..the kids like me..hubby talking to me again lol

Noticing little changes everyday...espcially my skin..defiently softer and feel just better and more energy. Only 2 little gums are sore and bleeding but ive been told this is do with the blood changing or something when you quit. takes me ages to get to sleep now..mind racing and my brain wont shut up at bed time lol Nothing major tho its all good and i am sooooooooooo pleased now i am a none smoker!Cant belive i have actually done it..its like a dream.

So relieved that the fist weeks is over and i aint ever going thru that again!

Good to all and well done!


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Just to say well done and what a fantastic achievement. Week 2, how exciting!:D

Have a great week-end:)


Well done you :)

Stick at it though, don't let your guard down for a second. The pluses you've experienced so far, will keep on occuring over the coming weeks and the longer you go the better it is.. and easier.

If you do however have the odd 'rocky' day, get on this forum pronto and give the folk a chance to at least put any crazy notions you are having to rest as much of them are to do with your quit :)

again, well done, and good luck for the smokeless yonder



Well done Mum of four.


Thank you for the support. Yes..i am very aware not to be complacient in this quit.I have had to learn the hard way thu my last quit lololol Just when you think u have cracked it a trigger happens and u want a cig..thankfully tho dont last long so u have to get thru it. I started craving this afternoon actually..think its because the weekends looming. Thankfully i havnt got a very exciting social life so will spending it at home with the family and staying away from alcohol.

Praying my 15 year old son doesnt wind me up too much this weekend.Wil be doing lots of deep breathing lol


Very well done, it's great you are having a good time and are happy.

Keep going you will get there a day at a time.



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