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What is week 3 all about - Im scared!!

:eek: I have read throughout the forum that week 3 is BAD!, at the moment I am on day 18 ct. This morning I have woken up with a tight chest, my gums are sore, i am still having heart palpitations and my anxiety is ++++++. Is this what week 3 is all about. i keep having days where I feel excellent and then the next day I feel like im back to square one. I think the heart palps are freaking me out the most - real chest thumpers - i keep freaking that Im going to have a heart attack. ..a bit over the top I know..very dramatic!! Can someone please explain the week 3 saga? :confused:

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Apparently it has something to do with the 3's, day 3, week 3, month 3. Must admit, I have had the blues on both day 3 and week 3. I am on 25 days quit and its starting to get better. You just have to stay strong and keep going and remember that you dont want to have to go through day 3 or week 3 again.

It does get easier, I know I never believed anyone when I was right at the beginning of my quit but it did, everyone is different. Some people laugh in the face of the 3's as they find it really easy and others like me and you struggle. But the struggle is worth it in the end.

Just think we will soon be a whole month quit - something to be proud about.

Congratulations on getting this far



Firstly, congratulations for being on day 18.

All the nicotine left your system a couple of weeks ago and now it is all about breaking cycles of behaviours and expectations.

If you have looked around the forum, you will have seen references to the dreaded "3"s from time to time, and many people find these times, be it 3 days or 3 weeks or 3 months quite difficult. Some will say that multiples of 3 are bad as well. Every quit is unique so there are no strict rules to apply here.

Read up all you can to learn about your addiction and how to beat it. Try these sites and both are excellent.

What I would also add is to not necessarily put all symptoms down to your quit. If you have symptoms that worry you then consider seeing your doctor as you would at any other time.

But stay strong and you will get through this. It does indeed get easier.

And the best thing about week 3 is that once you get to week 4 you never have to go through week 3 again.



Well done with your quit you are doing really well. All of this will get better but see your GP if you are really worried about anything. You don't say if you have any NHS help, if you do they would answer your questions, or a pharmacist could. Don't worry, about what is to come, sometimes nothing changes, not everyone has exactly the same experience, rather look forward to good things. You will find info on 3's in the woofmang website in my signature.



Hi, its an odd one. I've seen lots breeze through, but i've been a victim of the 'threes'. Maybe its a head thing. Either way, it clears up quickly! If you do have health worries though get checked out!


Well done on getting to week 3.Like somebody else said i wouldnt blame every symptom on quitting smoking. i suffer from an underactive thyroid gland and when the symptoms came on in my last quit i put it down to quitting but it wasnt.


The problem with the fabled 3's is that if you expect them to be hard then the probably will be! To be honest week 3 was easier than week 2 but I also had some odd times in weeks 4 and 5 so its all personal.

Don't listen to all the hype, it may be a tough one it may not. Better to see how it pans out than to be worried about it, IMHO. But whatever happens don't smoke then you won't ever have to repeat it if it does turn out to be a awkward one.


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