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Week 3 and came so close to having a cigarette!

Hi all

This is my first day of week 3 and it has not gone well.

I desperately want a cigarette as I am feeling so stressed at work.

I have not had one but am not sure I can make it through the day without cracking. I feel so upset as I have done so well and my boyfriend, Mum and Dad are so proud of me!

I am really scared I will have one :mad:

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Hello my lovely

Well done for posting and it does you the world of good to say it outloud. Seriously these cravings will be with you for a while BUT they get less and less as the days go on.

Everytime I get a craving I have a mint, chewing gum or a lolly (or in the early days a pie!!) and it does take the edge away.

Sweetheart you are doing so well, do not let the fags win.

Big hug


Thank you so much for responding Christine42 - you don't know how much it means as I feel pretty lonely sat at my desk.

I've just eaten a chocolate biscuit and do feel surprisingly brighter :)

I won't give in - have too much to give up for. I am getting married in 4 months and have lots of lovely things to look forward to and don't want smoking to get in the way!

Thank you so much for your support. xxx


Anytime, people helped me so much in the early days (and still do) on this forum and you will do the same in a couple of months:)

I honestly found comfort eating the best way for cravings in the early days, have another biscuit (have one for me I'm on a diet!!) or try a pie:D


Congratulations On Getting Married

Having a bad day is better than an even worse one smoking

It will get soooooooooooooo much better

Here my mantra poem to keep you going

I’m really glad that you’ve quit

Cause in the past you’ve smoked some sh**

Smelly Hair Hands and Breath

Shorter Life but longer Death

Up the hills you’ve got no puff

Smokers cough that makes you rough

So pass each day without the weed

Cause only then will you succeed

So Bravo to all that now don’t smoke

Cause early Death is sure no Joke

Think how you will feel in 20 years if you smoke


Ha ha - I will have a biscuit for you but better not have the pie else I won't fit into my wedding dress :p

What a great poem jamangie - it really does make you think. There have been so many improvements already including not getting cold have a fag outside or with the window open, I can walk up hills without getting out of breath, not feeling my chest wheeze at night and generally aving more energy! Plus, I don't want a slow and painful death and certainly not by my own making!

Thanks so much to you both xxx


You are sooooooooooooo welcome and honest it does get better but also those little nicodemons will give you bad days as well but fewer and fewer

and one day when you look back and can smell sweet for children and granchildren u will be so proud

ps if you get realy desperate get jar fill with fag ends add water and shake up have a good whiff and thats what u smealt like LOL works wonders


soory to hear that......

Hi hel,

I'm so sorry to hear that you are having a difficult day and feel the urge to have a cigarette, but I'm sure if you stick the day out smoke free you will feel more confident than ever. You are doing so so well reaching week 3, it's such a fantastic achievement and you must be so so proud of yourself. Don't give into the nicodemon, it's pushing you today but don't let him, he's not worth it.

Just think you have done 3 weeks, that's 21 days and 504 hours, yes 504 hours that's tremendous. Keep positive hun, I know you can do this.



Keep trying to tell yourself that you actually wont feel any better for having fact it will probably make you feel uber terrible (physically and mentally).

Try to replace the want with happy lady angels and candle stick holders (that's what I imagine ladies think about to make themselves happy).


Hi Hel :)

Sorry I missed this yesterday but you're doing great and also sorry you had a bad start to week three but hang in there, do whatever it takes to get through this week and it really will get easier from there on

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Thank you

Hi everyone

Thank you so much for your words of support - they have helped me more than you can imagine and I am pleased to report that I am feeling 100% better now and have managed to avoid the dreaded weed!

I think stress at work automatically made me feel like I needed a cigarette but I feel great for getting past it and was so happy when I got into bed that night knowing I had won!

Thank you all again!

Hel xxx :)


You're a star......

Well done Hel for overcoming what you did yesterday and not giving into the nicodemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............

You deserve a huge pat on the back I knew if you stuck it out you would feel on top of the world today, just goes to show you are strong and focused.

Well done again hun.



Well done Hel for being so strong and you deserve a huge pat on the back. Week three is fantastic, shows you have the strength to conquer this thing.


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