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Week 3 what next?


After an early stutter made it through last week unscathed.....feeling quite good with just the odd craving....I am thinking of lowering my NRT dose.....16 hour patches instead of 24...2mg lozenges down from 4 Mg.....anybody for or against this?...realise it is different for different people...but if there is someone who regrets or even recommends it may help....hope all fellow quitters are getting there.

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Don't know whether its worth bothering with the 16 hour patches as you can just take the patch off. I cut down from the largest patches quicker than normal. The smaller lozenges are just as good. I used inquiring minis, 1.5 mg and only used half at a time.

Yes Una...I am going to remove the patch at bedtime from today onwards....I am hoping that may help me sleep, which is the one thing I can't seem to fix....did you suffer from not sleeping at all during the first couple of weeks?

Hi Cymro,

I was just the opposite. I slept night and day for about 4 weeks. It affects some people like that and others go the opposite way. Taking off the patch at night is supposed to help. I'm having more trouble sleeping now but I've just bought an app for my ipad which looks like it will help.

App to help you sleep?...what will they think of next!!....hope it works for you.....and hope removing the patch helps me tonight....a good night's sleep would be heaven for me right now.

Insure the app will work. It was an app that stopped me smoking:)

Pleasant dreams

That was supposed to say I'm sure:) I wish my iPad didn't change what I write.

You are doing so well

Hi Cymro, I would guess it is the nicotine in the patch that is keeping you awake it keeps the brain active. I bet you find you sleep loads better when you take it off at night. Reducing your NRT is a good thing just monitor how you feel and adjust it accordingly. You know your body better than anyone and what it needs. Good luck!:)

Thanks, Haze...I'll see how it goes over the next few nights.

Yes!!!....removed the patch before bed and had the best 5 or 6 hours sleep since quitting...new patch this morning and all still seems ok....long may this continue!!!.....hope this helps others suffering the same.

Great stuff Cymro! Onwards and Upwards now. I hoped that would be the case:)

Thanks Haze and Una...this forum is proving invaluable.

Thanks Haze and Una...this forum is proving invaluable.

You are the one doing the hard work... but I agree this forum is a life saver! Have a nice sleep tonight:)

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