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Month 3 for me :-)

Well,in about 54 mins, and I can't see myself lighting up in the next 54 mins, so seeing as i've been waiting all week to post here, I thought id get it up :-)

I know some post about still having troubles, but honestly, since i've quit and got through the first few weeks, I can honestly say I don't even give them a 2nd thought, well, I think about them, but im never tempted, I think something like "hmmm, in the old days, I would have had a fag now, how strange".

I counted the past few days how many times I think about fags, and its about 3 times a day, but its not a craving.

Ok, positives, saved loads of money, health is far better, breathing better, cough of years gone, fitness levels whooooosh, getting things done whooooooooooshhhhh, alert levels whooooooooooosh, full of positive thoughts all the time, feeling great, feeling 20 years younger.

Negatives - None

Putting things off until i've had my next smoke - Nil point

Stinking like an old ash tray - No thank you.

Feeling tired and lethargic all the time - **** that

So basically, there are no positives to smoking, the old "but I love smoking" don't wash with me any more, and I used that one for years. Or "I could get run over by a bus tomorrow" works for a while, until your mid 30's with kids, and you secretly know that your health is really on a one way path to death and your not as active or as healthy as you really should be, or any other BS excuse we used to justify our addiction when secretly we've all wanted to quit for years, probably a few weeks after we started.

So my advice to anyone thinking about quitting or newly quit reading this is, you guessed it, if I can do it, anyone can!!!!

Paul, ex confirmed fag lover, roll out of bed kettle on fag in mouth for 20 odd years, smoker of 40+ on a good night out, 20-30 a day smoker, hated all anti-smokers.

To the others who have helped me on here to quit, either by responding to my posts or other ex-smokers whos posts have given me inspiration, I say thanks for helping me quit that wicked addiction.

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Hi Paul

Fab post and very well done. You have it well and truly sorted. Good for you.xxxxxx


wow, great post, don't know if you noticed but i'm havin a bit of a party tonight, 1 calendar month done, and i have to say good times, bad time, but yeh why the hell would i have a fag now.

you sound so good, and so many positives, if you don't, i will make sure your post is bumped tomorrow for all or any newbies to see.

thanks for sharing your thoughts it will be great for all of us to read.

well done, and if you want to join the party bring some nibbles.



So glad to read this post from you. Feels great doesn't it! It gives you a good feeling when the world tries to throw you so many challenges in many forms and you can cope with it all without reaching for the old crutch. If you can cope with life in general, without allowing folk to grind you down, then you've done well, which seems to be the case for you. So well done.

Keep grasping at each day for the feeling of freedom and wellbeing its obviously now giving you, and never look back.

You've done this, so just stick at it now.




Hi Paul :D

Well done you getting to month 3 that's great

Glad to here it's going well for you with no craves and you're feeling good


Marg xxx


Thanks for all the positive comments everyone :-)

Jase, I actually find I cope better now with lifes challenges than when I was smoking.

Instead of sucking on my fag like a little baby sucking a dummy avoiding the problem and worrying, I just tackle it head on and get it resolved!



Paul, Good for you! You sound so positive and that is the main thing to accomplish. Mind set is what helps us stay quit! Keep going strong! Jody


Hey Paul,

with all the partying yesterday, I missed this post ;) And a great post it is! Just love the upbeat, positive, strong going quit threads!! It really helps the newbies, too! Nicely done and big huge congratulation to you on getting to month 3! Excellent job!!


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