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Cardiologist & at Month 3

Hi everyone

Sorry it's a bit of a glum post...

I've not posted on here since I gave up beginning Feb although I've managed great without smoking and still going, I've been quite unwell.

I think I mentioned in my first post I was seeing a cardiologist who later referred me to the Papworth Hospital for a CT Heart scan. I have just been diagnosed with soft plaque disease in my right coronary arteries, I'm trying to take something positive from this, at least they found it, at least I've given up the fags and can do what's necessary to hopefully stop it progressing. I have an appointment in a few days to see the cardiologist again to discuss the results.

River X

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Hi River,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but as you say, the positive thing is you've done the right thing in quitting smoking & making lifestyle changes and you've found out about the problem and will be having the appropriate treatment.

Well done by the way on your quit! :)


Hi River, your doing such a positive job with your quit, in what are changing times for you.

Fingers crossed for you x


Thanks all, much appreciated..

I think it's why I haven't found giving up difficult this time round as my suffering health was my personal reason for stopping.

I knew something was wrong. It's important to remember if you have health concerns to be persistent with your GP, I was initially told I was having panic attacks & I wasn't having none of it, kept going back, and in/out A& I was very breathless on resting and exertion, and having chest aches and pains in the middle and to the left of my chest radiating up both sides of my neck and a very dull ache under my left arm.

This is life changing..

River xxx


So pleased you are getting the help you need and that you are continuing your quit.

Well done on three months and on your recovery



Goes to show it is worth persevering River. I do feel that generally, most of us tend to know our own bodies enough to know when something is wrong.

I do hope that now you have a diagnosis, your condition can soon be stabilised and your symptoms alleviated.

Good luck with it all and please keep us posted won't you? :)


Thanks Gilly, there is no way I can go back to smoking now, it's one of the best lifestyle changes I could have made. x

Thanks Skiddaw, how right you are we do know our own bodies. I dread to think what could have happened, over time, if I had not stuck to my guns and kept going back to the GP....I will keep you all posted, how the smoking's going & how I get on at the cardiology.

Much appreciated..

River xx


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