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No Smoking Day
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3 months and counting

hi all

I havnt posted here for ages but thought i would post that i have now done 3 months without the fag's and feel sooo much better for it.

I do still think about cigarettes alot but not as often as i did before and the urge isnt very strong anymore which is good.:D

I have had a problem with putting on weight as before i quite i was like 10 and half stone and now im 11 and a half :eek:.

I do go jogging now twice maybe 3 times a week about 3 or 4 miles but the weight does not seem to be shifting atall and this is making me way unhappy. I have even had thoughts of starting again just to loose the weight i have put on :eek:. but i dont think it will happen.

Thanks For Reading :cool:

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I know what you mean about the weight gain, but going back to smoking is not the answer. I decided to wait until month 6 before I tackled the weight gain. Guess what! The weight is starting to go without me doing anything! Now all I have to do is watch what I eat and do a little exercise and I'm confident the weight will go even faster. Just concentrate on one thing at a time. Make sure you are confident in your quit and then you can worry about the weight. Drink lots of water and watch your snacks. Everything will turn out ok. Remember - NOT ONE PUFF!


Hi Want a Freshstart

Well done on 3 months that's wonderful Huge Hug for you

Like Jody and you I gained wieght but like Jody also after 6 months it started to come off again

Now at 9 months I'm almost back to pre quit weight again and haven't been on a diet or done any extra exercise just walking and dancing for me :D




Well done on the 3 months :)

awesome progress, but don't let your guard down.

Putting on a stone or so is nothing that cannot be worked off again.. theres plenty you can do about that without resorting to ever smoking again.

Well done on 3 months.. onwards and upwards now!!


I agree ... keep your focus on the quitting ... tackle the weight later.




Three months is fantastic - well done!

Weight gain is nothing - being a little over weight never killed anyone - smoking kills thousands. No contest.

Keep cool and the weight will come off - just keep up the jogging and watch what you eat - it'll e fine - honest! :D


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