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No Smoking Day
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Horrible Mucus and heart palps!

I quit smoking a week ago now and starting experiencing very strange fluttering sensations in my chest on the sencond day. They weren't painful and I had no other problems, just a really weird feeling. In the last few days I have also (apologies) been coughing brown coloured mucus with brown elcks in up on a morning which is grossing me out!

My doctor assures me this is a normal process and the chest problem is all part and parcel or coming off the dreaded nic but I just wondered if anyone else had experienced either or these horrid symptoms?

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Hi chuck,

Well I'm just over 3 weeks into my quit now and the coughing up of the brown stuff is completely normal. I'm no doctor but I hear this is a good thing. It's our bodies getting rid of all the cr@p we have put in them. For the first 2 weeks,. every morning without fail I would hack up lumps of this stuff. Yes, it's not pretty, but it happens. Have no idea about the chest palps. Perhaps you are feeling a little anxious which is normal early in a quit but again I'm not a GP so don't quote me. Anyway chin up. You seem quite worried about health implications but think how much worse they would be if you smoked. Choosing not to smoke is the best thing you can do for your body.

Good luck

PP xx


Hi Louise :)

the weird feeling in your chest is normal as is the coughing up gunge in the early stages of a quit the gunge is just the kungs clearing themselves and nothing to worry about at all


Marg xxx


Well i never knew the kungs could clean themselves.:D


Sorry Bev did my spelling mistake offend you have already slapped my wrists for making it

Also sorry I'm not perfect


Hi Chrissie :)

Nope not been on the vino for a long while now so can't use that as an excuse at all was a genuine mispelled word that I didn't notice will just have to be more careful in future :p :D


Marg xxxxx


Thanks everyone - I am a natural born worrier and its been a rough year health wise but I feel like I'm back on track!!

It's reassuring to know someone else has had the heart flutters!

Good news is, already the gunk is less and I haven't seen anymore today. Fingers crossed the worse is over and today I can say I FEEL GOOD!! I've not said that in a long while.

Thank you for your ears folks!! :D


Hi Louise :D

I'm so pleased to hear you feel good today


Marg xxxxxx


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