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Horrible few day, thank god I didn't have the money to buy cigarettes

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I have had the biggest test of my quit so far over the last few days.... anyone who has an ex husband/wife with get this post...

Mine has always been a difficult, slippery cold fish... he is a convincing liar and manipulator and this leads to conflict... he also has an ignorant wife who is worse than his mother be being over-protective towards him.... anyway, the last 10 days have been very rocky... its been one long fight. I usually ignore him when he is being a B***ard, but I have my limits, and reached them the wednesday before last when I lost my temper with him.

Since then they have been insulting, rude and argumentative... this has played havoc with my (once non-existent) cravings... I haven't smoked, but have seriously wanted to... I haven't because I have been super-broke (one of the reasons we are arguing!!!!), that said, if I had the money I would like to think I wouldn't go through with smoking this far down the line into my quit. Its just how I used to cope when we were at war a few years ago, its like a dirty, stinky little comfort blanket I guess.

any moral support would be gratefully recieved. :D

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vicki im so sorry to hear that you are going through such a tough time! i know how an ex or a family member can really boil you---trust me! i went through something similar at week 3 and like you i really feel that if i had a cig near me lit i woulda smoked it but i didnt thank goodness and eventually it passed but it took a few days to get out of my system. deep deep breaths work for me and shouting and cursing work well for me also---when im alone of course:p always remember that smoking will not solve the problem or soften the blow...it will makes things much much worse..you will have to start over again and still go through stressful situations with or without smoking ...all the best vicki STAY STRONG AND DONT SMOKE!! I ALSO FORGOT TO MENTION TO HAVE A GOOD CRY AS WELL!!

Consider yourself morally supported Vicki:D

Seriously though, you did very well not to smoke, if you really wanted to smoke, even with no money, you could have asked someone for a ciggie BUT you didn't, which proves how strong you really are which i don't think you've realised yet.

Chin up, don't let the b***ards get you down ;)

Well done for not smoking!!! Just think how disappointed you would have been if you had smoked because of them. They are not worth it, you have done so well.

Well done you!!!!


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chin up girl

dont let other assholes break your dream of not smoking ;)


Wow Vicki, you did so well to not give them the satisfaction of ruining your quit! Like Pete said, you could have easily just got one off someone on the street or whatever but you didn't and you should feel amazing for that :)

Sorry to hear you're going through something like this... there are some really impossibly difficult people in this world...

Well done for not smoking Vicki. He's your EX and therefore can't make you do anything...including smoking. Don't give him the satisfaction, you'll only feel worse. Smoking doesn't solve anything. So two fingers up to him and his wife (can you tell I have an ex who has an ignorant wife too :D), don't smoke, and when you get your finances sorted, you can spend it on something nice, rather than burning it. Chin up ;)

As already said, don't let them break you!

Ignorant people will always be ignorant, wether you smoke or not, smoking will not stop them being natural a**holes.

You are doing so so well.

Stay strong!

Jill xxxx

Ditto to the above. I have had my fair share of difficult people, and I know that smoking a cigarette will not make them any less of a pain in the axx! Keep strong - this quit is for you, and your future, look after it well!


thanks you guys.... one thing that helped this evening was when my daughter said well done for not smoking. she is fully aware of her dad's behaviour and thought I'd done well to get through the past two weeks given the stress he is causing all of us.

was sooooo tempted to buy some fags this evening, I was gonna go to the shops, and was going under the illusion of needing chocolate, but would have found it hard not to buy fags.... in the end I ignored my chocolate craving too and didn't go at all... I settled for an apple as I am also on a diet.:D

I think its time to stick my fingers up to my ex, and put him on ignore. :rolleyes:

you got it vicki..cant let em get to you!! so nice that your daughter noticed how you rose above this and didnt smoke and good for you not going to the store...must keep temptation away during our weak moments!! so happy that you came throught this :D

now that sounds a darn good idea!!:)


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