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mucus, flem and sore throat

could any1 enlighten me over the last five days i have been suffering with a dry sore throat, i have also been packed full of mucus it did not consern me at first, thought i was just getting rid of all the crap out of my system, but i have had it for a while now is this normal?, i had the best night sleep of my life last night finaly :D

9th day going strong x

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hi sourlink

Ive been coughing up a load of.... crap's a good word for it, but not had the sore throat, like you im hoping this is pretty normal.



Hi sourlink

BB is right(very rarely wrong!)

the link helped me, i was suffering from the same problem, however it does clear. The mucus didnt clear however, for ooo lets see 3months into my quit, so it may take awhile.

When you think about it, you have spent many years intaking this thick sticky tar, so for us quitters to expect clearance after a few weeks, i think is wishful thinking.

stay strong -you are doing great-well done xxxx


My G.P.recommended that my good lady slapped across the top of my back area down to halfway on my back on a morning. This apparently helps to loosen and helps you clear the crud out.


Mmmm difficult one that.

I'll sell you mine if you wish:D


Hee hee! If nothing else reading through previous posts is distracting me


thanks bibleblack good information there, reassured me :)


I wish BB would stop talking about post nasal drip, everytime I read it I get this horrible feeling of discomfort at the back of my nose/throat. It's not there any other time though :confused:


Hi Sourlink

Well done on your quit you are doing great :D

I also had a dry sore throat early on in my quit it disappeared after about a week but i still wake with a dry mouth from time to time onwards and upwards


No probs BB, I suppose in a way it makes me appreciate the fact I have had practically no ill effects from stopping fags, just looked at your pond photos there, very impressive work sir.


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