Day three - I feel horrible


It is now day three, I have still had not had a cigarette and miss it badly. I went out last night with a lot of smokers and did not smoke once. I did also drink and did not smoke once. Finally it is Valentine's day and the sms went unanswered which does not help.

On the other hand, if I can get through all of this then, not only will I be proud, I will probably create a religion for which I will be the messiah and/or the object of worship. :)

Playing Rugby tomorrow, that should be interesting and a half...



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  • Hi Fergus

    Day 3 well done you even went out with smokers and had some drinks and still did not smoke thats brilliant you have every right to be proud of yourself

    Stay strong

  • well done fergus,i dont drink anyway so thats half the battle for must be feeling quite proud :D

  • Well done Fergus!!

    wouldnt want to be on the opposite team for tomorrows game-great way to get rid of quitting feelings though!!

  • Hi Fergus

    Some people find day three very hard but things will start to improve very soon and you will be so proud you stayed strong. Well done mate your doing fab. xxxx

  • Hi Fergus

    Great stuff hun, day 3 is fab and like Linda says things will get easier for you soon, hang in there.



  • Hi ya

    I had a drink for the first time since giving up last night, and i really did fancy one! but i didn't have one.

    If you got through last night without having one with all the smokers then you are stronger than you think!! Day 3 is hard, I am on day 13 and promise you it does get better.

    Please keep it up! I have just had a little argument with my mom and i always feel tearful when we argue, I said to her.. you have made me want a fag now!! haha I didn't give in though:D


  • Hi Yok :D

    Well done you went out and had a drink and an argument with your mom and still didn't light up thats great and it is 14 days now brilliant

    Stay strong

    All the best margaret

  • Bravo... you did it.. to go out drinking and with Smokers.. You are really ready for this

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