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Day 1 - I feel horrible


Ok i knew that this was going to be no picnic, but this first day is sheer torture.

I am using NRT (Patches ) and am craving like crazy. I must have slept most of the day to get away from how bad i feel........But......I AM NOT GOING TO LET THIS BEAT ME! :)

I am so glad i found this forum and would just like to give a virtual hug to everyone here who have decided to take up health. :)

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Hi IanB and well done for getting through that crucial first day!

What were your reasons for quitting? Have you written them down? Have you read all the links on here about other people's experiences and all the info available? I ask because they do help you get your head in the right place which then has an impact on your ability to fight the cravings.

They DO get easier, but with patches they shouldn't be as bad as cold turkey. I'm on patches and am now in my ninth week and, although it hasn't been a walk in the park, i do find the patches take the edge off the desire to smoke. I also have an inhalator and gum and lozenges just in case they get too much.

The advice you will find on here from lots of people who have gone through what you are experiencing is to drink lots of water, find things to distract you and, for these first few days, eat lots of yummy naughty food because even if you put on a few pounds, you can deal with that later and you are still doing the best thing you could possibly do for yourself.

Be kind to yourself and do whatever helps get you through the first few days, including coming on here and talking to all these quitters who know EXACTLY what you're going through!

good luck!

I agree with MrsCP, drink plenty of water - keep a bottle with you, one of those with a sports lid. Sounds silly but take a sip from one of those lids helps me with my cravings.

Eat whatever you like, don't worry about your weight - the quit is what need to focus on. You can eat healthier when you feel like it.

I did my first day yesterday, drink water, snack, chew gum but most importantly I feel is to keep yourself distracted.

Go shopping for something for yourself, a nice long walk or go swimming, have lunch out, fix something on the car - anything that will keep you mind good and busy.

Something good to remember is that at anytime someone will be around here if you need it.

Good Luck, get stubborn with the nicodemon.

Hi Ian , good luck with your quit . For me the first day is the toughest , second day not quite bad and from day 3 it starts to get a lot easier.

Stick with it will be sooooooooooooo glad that you did.:D

Going for a walk and taking in some deep breaths of clean fresh air and drinking lots of water is always a great help.


Thank you good people, the 2nd day is a bit better. The cravings creep up on me when i least expect it, but i have been stuffing my face and generally spoiling myself and that usually alleviates the craving for a couple of hours. Hopefully combined with exercise i won't put on too much weight either.

Already been consuming vast amounts of water :)

It truly is shocking the hold Nicotine can have over a human being.

Well done IanB. Your doing so well.

It is absolutely awful those first few days but as everyone has said it does generally get easier.

Every now and then you do get a day where the demon comes back strong and ready for another fight but you just have to battle through and the pride you feel when you've got through it is amazing.

As the days go on too you will begin to notice the changes to your health, fitness and well being etc. Having a big, huge gulp of fresh clean air first thing in the morning beats a lungful of chemicals anyday for me now. Those are the things that kept me going when times got difficult.

As you said 'It won't be a picnic' you WILL have horrible days but you will also have fantastic days. but if things are getting too tough or you just want to have a rant about something just come on here and we'll all understand what your going through.

Good luck and keep up the good work. Remember IanB, you will only have to go through this once!

Good luck

Just prepare yourself for the hardest thing you'll ever do in your life, but think of the rewards of being a non smoker, and there are lots of people on this forum in the same boat as you who are here to help.

Well done and keep it up you are doing great.

I remember the first week like it was yesterday and here I am at 8 months now.

BEST decision I have ever made in my whole life. First time in my adult life that I have been smoke free and I intend to stay that way.

Read as much as you can and then nothing will come as a shock to you cause yeah it is hard and it can play tricks on you when you least expect it.

Think I got to about 2 months and thought yeah I got this beat now and out of the blue WHAM I wanted a fag so watch out for those days and dont let your guard down.

Best of luck

Thank you everyone, i am now a week smoke free - It no longer feels so horrible, but more niggly when those cravings come at me when i am not expecting them, but plenty of water, gum, carrot sticks and good old fashioned willpower are getting me through. :)

Well Done Ian......By the time you've reached another 10-14 days you should REALLY START FEELING a HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!!!!

A Present for you!!!!!


Klaus Schulze - What wonderful therapy!!!! Thank you douglas :)

Music is food for the soul!

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