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Role Reversal

Day 4 and feeling a little more upbeat today but then its only early so anything is possible.

Massive role reversal going on last night and today, OH really struggled yesterday in work, as he is the boss the guys have to ask him whether they can go for a smoke, usually he joins them but I think its hit him hard that he isnt now. He had real cravings last night and this morning but he is doing so well and I keep telling him that. So I am the one that is being calmer and he is the one climbing the walls - but like many of you have said giving up affects everyone differently. He said he saw me with a smile on my face last night for the first time since Sunday.

We apologised to each other last night for the night before and he spoke to the kids and told them, they are really happy about it and have said to us that all they have ever wanted was for us to try - this coming from the 6 year old.

We both went "patchless" last night as we both needed a really good nights sleep and we both did, although every morning this week hasnt been that much of a struggle as I havent wanted my first cig of the day but this morning I really struggled but got in the shower and tried to keep busy. As OH doesnt have to get up for another couple of hours, I put him a patch on whilst he was semi consious - he said it helped loads although the craving still there.

Hope everyone has a good day today :)

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You have come so far, and done really well, both of you. You've done the right thing by apologising for previous day moodies etc.. it happens.. but to clear the slate is a good thing.

Day 3 is for some a horrible day so here you are now on day 4.. take today as it comes and be prepared for any changes in your mood (both), and just back-off if you feel any tensions start to rise. Make an extra cup of tea or something if this happens, and keep in mind that what you've done so far is a wonderful thing, and to keep this going will make it even better again.

I can 100% tell you from my own experience that i had a problem on day 4 but it was all my own doing i'm sure because once i'd got through the day and beyond, it was like a shroud was lifted from me.. and i found the quit so much easier.

Keep in mind what i said.. back off rather than go loggerheads.. and definitely acknowledge it was the withdrawal as the cause of any moods rather than think its totally you. You will break the chains of this addiction, it won't happen overnight, but i promise you it will get soooooo much better and indeed easier later on.... you'll see.

so be proud, your on day 4.. forge on ahead now and do keep congratulating each other on each 'done day' :)



Day 4 and feeling a little more upbeat today ...

Well done, you got through day 3 and made it to day 4. It's the only way to beat this thing - one day at a time. Even an hour at a time, or minute by minute if need be. Staying quit means that every bit of time you get through will never have to be done again. And it really does get easier.

Big congratulations to both of you for the efforts you are making. And it sounds like you have some really good cheerleaders at home too.:D



hey youunme -

your both doing really really well. there's gonna be some tough times but you know that and it sounds like you are doing really well in supporting each other.

I'm glad to hear that you are finding it a bit easier. its really important to cherish the days where its a bit easier as it makes it more bareable when you get the bad days if youve made the best of the good ones.

hope you get through today ok - your half way toward the first week now and thats gotta feel good.

good shout on experimenting with taking the patches off at night. sleep deprivation and those dreams can make quitting twice as hard / freaky!

congratulations, keep going :)


Dinner time and I am really up beat - I have put the radio on (at my desk naughty me) but the guy I share my office with isnt in today. I am dancing around in my chair (looks like I need the loo to anyone going past lol) and feeling quite positive.

Although I have thought about it today, not as much as I have thought about it over the last few days.

Think the sleep has helped. Just spoke to OH and he is really struggling, so sent him some love and pma down the phone line and told him that I am really proud of him for making us both do this.

Just hope I can keep this going for the rest of the day. Right off to Morrisons for some lunch - does anyone need anything? :)


I'll have 17 cream do-nuts please :)


sorry Jase, I did get you them but unfortunately I got the munchies and ate them in the car on the way back - obviously I had both hands on the wheel at all times :D



Oh well.. story of my life.. i'll have to eat this solitary chocolate eclair i've got in front of me instead.. mmmmmmmm nom nom nom :)

Love cream cakes.. they are my achilles heel :)


Hi Younme :D

Well done to both of you on day 4 Big Hug for each of you

Glad you're feeling better today but sorry OH is struggling just now and hope he feels better tomorrow

Also glad you both managed to sleep last night just hang in there




Day 5!!!!!!!!!

Day 5 is here, well I never thought I would see it.

I am o.k. now that I am getting some sleep plus with me putting a patch on in the morning this is lasting me ALL day although really a struggle getting up. Wasnt moody or snappy with the kids at all last night well apart from the usual!

OH is not well :( For the first time (since I have known him) he actually went home from work yesterday sick, he didnt look well at all last night and is still very much in bed right now. I reckon its the toxins coming out, he wears loads of clothes layers for work and all the toxins are probably coming out of his system and cos there is no where else for them to go they are just sitting around. So I run him a bath last night and he felt a little better afterwards and I have told him to take it easy today and make sure he rests and gets another bath later.

Not looking foward to the weekend, but I have decided to keep myself busy and that should see me through.

Hope everyone is well today and glad its friday. Have a top day everyone.



Hi Younme :D

Day 5 almost a week well done both of you

Sorry OH is still feeling rough and hope he feels better very soon keep it going it really does get easier the further you go


Marg xxxxx


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