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Seriously feeling the crave today


Hello everyone,

How are we all?

Well, it's day six now for me and although today went relatively well, I'm seriously feeling it this evening. I can just picture myself enjoying a ciggie at the back door - Oh No! I am resisting but by god this is the worst yet. I know I'm in for a long night. I'm on call tonight and was called out earlier at 7pm. I think this is what started the crave off as it is the first time I've been called out since quiting and normally I smoked quite a few ciggies on the way to and from work, especially when on call (about 35 mins each way). At around 9pm my 13 wk old daughter wouldn't settle either and felt myself slipping into a foul one so left the room for a little while to calm down.

I've started to get concerned about getting too attached to my inhalator too. My oh my, I really do have the ciggie blues this evening!!!!!!!!!

So far I have felt quite good and confident. I'm Still determined as ever not to have one but it's bang on my mind!

God damn blasted smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:( :( :( :(

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Hi there

AAARRGGGGHHHHH :eek:there you go ive had a big shout and a growl for you, try and keep yourself busy and remind yourself of all the reasons why you have stopped smoking-i have a long list!!!! write them all down and stick them on your fridge to remind you!!

Remember-its the nico demons!!!! they will put up a fight but you can beat this!!!

good luck thinking of you-it does get easier xx;)

Cheers Shabba, nearly brought the roof down with that one!

Wondering is it possible to squeeze 3 cartridges in one inhalator and light it???

Seriously though thanks, and just been having a mooch around and feeling a slight bit calmer now, coming here doesn't half take my mind off it!

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Sorry to hear that its being a bitch at the moment. We have all had times like that, and its no fun.

Stay strong and you will get through it fine.

As time goes on those situations will become easier and easier to deal with, honest.

Best wishes


Whoa easy nah! You know how much crap they put in fags, for all we knew they put semtex in the inhalator :p That'd bring the roof down for real!

Glad to hear you're still maintaining that confidence, you're in that tough period that most people have trouble with, but you'll have week done after tomorrow and things should start to look brighter for ya!

If you get called out again, have a little shout on the way. People might think you're a bit mental, but calmly (or forcefully!) explain what the deal is, they'll understand :p Stay strong fishty!

Stick with it fishty,

After my cravings have subsided I always have a little smile and think how glad I am that I didn't give into them.

The fact that you got through a really crap day should give you plenty of positives for anymore that come your way - you've got through that one there is now no reason why you can't get through the next ,whenever it maybe.

You are just about peaking - I peaked at day 5 - boy what a vile day that was, I saw cigarettes everywhere. Keep strong - once you are over it then believe me it gets better by the day.

hey, u have done so well to get to the position of peaking think of it as 1 last hurdle before the remainding stretch. remember that u are not going through this alone i am in the exact same position as you and knowing that there are other people to share my highs and lows is a comfort to have, feel proud feel confident but most importantly know that you can and will get over this

Thanks so much for your support everyone.

I got through the night OK, got to sleep really late and when I did I had some cracking weird dreams - wish I could remember what they were but I know they were very strange. Woke up about 5 times!

I've been called out again this evening, just got back in and my cravings were no way near as bad as yesterday! Infact I didn't really have any what you could call cravings.

Good news too, I went to my NHS centre today after work and blew ZERO on the CO2 monitor! Cool!

Thanks again! :D:D:D

Well done! You have done fantastic to overcome the cravings at the most difficult time.

There have been quite a few of us that have had the bizarre dreams - see my thread in the 'general' part of the forum!

I haven't had any bad dreams and they haven't really disturbed my sleep so I am quite enjoying them!! I look forward to going to sleep!

Hahaha, your absolutely right Jerry, the dreams I have been having are the type that make ya wanna get back to sleap quick so you can get back into it before they slip away.

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