Day 4 - Cold Turkey feeling great

I'm on Day 4 of the cold turkey and feeling really good.

I know the nicotene is now out of my system, so feel that is a big achievement. I am going shopping on Saturday with friends and will definately be treating myself.

Thanks for all the support guys, I haven't caved this time, and think the wonderful support on here does help as we are all going through the same thing.

I am going to print out the Not My Friend story and keep it close in case I get tempted.


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  • So pleased for you, day 4 is fantastic, on your way to a whole week.

    What are you planning for your treat?

  • Well done my friend! :D

    I'm on cold toikey too (Day 6). My day 4 was the day I realised that things were getting slightly better - not much, but enough for me to realise that the cravings were fading away and I was beginning to take confidence from the achievement of being smoke free for four days (and cleansed of the nicotine) - what a boost!

    Keep it up!

  • Well done to get to day 4 and to do it cold turkey is amazing. Well done.

  • Well done D, keep up the good work, these are special days that cement your quit.

    Wishing you many, many more smoke-free days.


  • Well done, it's a huge achievement.

  • Hi guys

    Still getting on with it, went shopping after work but haver really had the cravings this evening, but I am not giving in now. Its a long road isn't it

  • Day 5

    Hi there

    Its Day 5 now and really really fancied a ciggie this morning, but I'm not giving in to it,

  • Yes it is a long road and not one that the romans built either - there are twists and turns and junctions along with way. Just remember that if there is a no entry sign it means that you are not allowed to go there!

    You are doing well and coming on here when you have a craving is the best thing to do there is always someone around that you can chat to till it goes away.

    Good luck and keep up with the good work


  • Well done Mad Hatter, I'm just starting day 5 cold turkey and Im feeling much better than i was at the beginning and its great when you wake up in the morning and feel so proud that you managed another day - just think of the disappointment you'd feel if you gave in now! The weekend is going to be a test but I am determined not to give in - a good way of motivation for myself to keep going is knowing how awful and hard those first 2/3 days were and why the hell would I want to go through that again if I slipped up on a fag!

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