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Back again and not happy!

Hi one and all,

Mimi here after ten long days of being absent due to family affairs and i'm smoking again!!! arghhhhh :(

I'm so gutted (once again) and have thrown myself back on the site to get help again. So, for the 3rd time today is 'day one'

Please let me know of your news.... i will be reading through trying to catch up. It's like trying to undserstand Eastenders after not watching it for a week! :)

Speak soon and wish me stregnt


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I do wish you strength. So long as you know that even if you are back in day 1, you are still not giving up on the objective to quit. Well done for getting right back to it.

One thing i've learned about eastenders.. never try to understand it, just pick it up from the point you start to watch it.

We have some new faces, and some older faces too, but we are still after the same thing here. Welcome to the Swingers message board... *cough* :) oh.. sorry wrong one, this is the No Smoking day forum innit? :)

Good luck this time around Mimi, do as i've done with previous quits, know what made your last attempt(s) fail, and take steps to avoid the same scenario's where possible. Best advice from me there, is don't dwell on what went wrong, just concentrate on what your going to do right this time.

((((((((( Mimi ))))))))))) << big hug to start you off.



Hi Mimi :)

Welcome back I'm so sorry to hear that because of familt affairs you started smoking again

Well done restarting your quit again though don't beat yourself up about it PK remember the lessons you learnt but forget the rest of it

We're all here for you and will help and support you as much as we can Promise


Marg xxxxxxxxx


You are back and trying again - that's the main thing isn't it? You didn't fail, you had a blip and now you are back on the wagon. I think you are brilliant for getting straight back on the road to smoke-free.

Good luck xxx


Hi Mimi

Well done you :)

I'll be with you tomorrow..........starting my quit again. So wait for me :D

Carol xxx



Great to see you back caz ive sent you in invite to join the August Cigarette escapers....Hope you will join me caz:D

how is everyone today?


Hi mimi :D

Good to have you back again, don't linger on thoughts of what has gone before, think of today as a brand-spanky new start! :D

Good luck, and stay with us!:D


Hello to all,

Thank you all so much for replys and it's now day two so i should be on a differnt thread but hey, does'nt matter.

Feeling ok for the moment but i know iy will take time and i need to no get stressed!! easier said than done :)

Keep it up for all the others! x



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